Have you a cup of water? Will you seek My face?

Have you a cup of water? Will you seek My face?

Everyone has a choice. A choice to hear My voice. Everyone has that decision to make. Everyone has the opportunity to drink from My cup. To sit at My feet as Mary did. To learn of Me. I am available to all, but few would choose to listen. They have become like Martha. They have busied themselves with the work that is needed and forgotten Me. The cup is reserved for those who will drink. Take the cup from My hand and drink freely. Sit at My feet and know Me. It is time for My people to settle themselves and run to Me and see what I will do. My people need to run to Me and allow Me to speak, so that I may raise the dead, so I may say to them “COME FORTH” and see what I will do. I will do a new thing. So come and sit at My feet and rest. Listen to My voice sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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