Will you worship me and me alone?

Will you worship Me and Me alone? Or will you lift your soul to another? Will you worship Me or your idea of who I am? Will you worship Me in SPIRIT and TRUTH or with your lips and mind alone? For with the heart man must worship Me, from the heart he must lift his voice, not from his head. For I desire pure worship. I desire a people who love ME, who desire ME, who look to ME, who look for ME. Not for what I do or can do for them, they are just selfish tares, not willing to bow down to Me. Let the humble come and bow before My throne. I will receive their glory. I will receive them and their praise. For they are pure in heart, pure in spirit, they are the ones I desire most of all. So let the sweet smelling incense of their worship arise to Me, not the stench of poop like the others, for anything other than pure is but dung. Let them sing, let them dance, let them worship in My name, for their hearts are for Me and their spirits are to Me says the Lord.

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