What have you used?

What have you used?

What have you used to show Me forth? Have you used My word? Have you used My life? Have you used My love and all that I am? For I tell you, many have tried to use that which is of the flesh to show Me forth. Many have tried religion and law. Yet I tell you, it is through your intimate relationship with Me, that is what I desire you to use. For it is through your life I can shine forth. For in Me you live and move and have your being. For I will move you and guide you and lead you into the place you need to be. For when you are walking in Me, you show forth Me. When you are full of Me, My word, My Spirit and My love, you pour forth Me. Remember this, when they see you, they see Me, when they hear you, they hear Me. When you touch them, they feel My touch. For as I am so are you, so walk fully in Me and use all I have given you. For I will bring in the harvest, I will bring the increase sayeth the Lord

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