Works VS. Righteousness

Holiness is not out of service; it is out of love. Even though it is tempting for us as believers to try and live according to our strength; that is not what God intended His relationship with man to be. A popular title for a believer that has been thrown around is a “servant of God.” This is a wonderful title that shows the humility of man toward God, but what a lot of people believe about this title and themselves is revealed in their understanding of what christianity is. What a lot of believers think the purpose of their existence is doing things for God and thinking of the word “servant” and what a servant does; this makes sense, but there is something missing in this equation …God’s grace. What I am addressing is not the title, it is the understanding of the title. Rather than looking at ourselves as a slave that does things for God, we should see ourselves as children who get to spend time with our dad. We are to be lovers of God. This involves both parties. God is doing the work through you and you are loving Him. So now, instead of trying to serve God you make an expression of faith and His grace meets you there to do the work. “We are saved by grace through faith.” We express to God that we love Him and we need His help and we want to be everything He has called us to be, by faith then His power comes and does the work in us. Taking this route gives no place for pride because God did the work not you. The only responsibility we have is to keep our eyes on God and love Him…He will take care of the rest.


  1. Yes lovers of God! Keep our eyes on Him and He will take care of the rest.
    So thankful for his assurance and peace!


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