Will you come up hither?

Will you come up hither?

Will you separate yourself? Will you be ye holy as I am holy? When will you finally decide to be in this world but not of it? You see, I have called you a peculiar people. I have marked you as My own. It is time to rise up. Time to come up hither. Time to ascend My holy hill. Time to gather yourself unto Me, fully. I ask of you, who is on My side? Will you come up and spend time with Me? Will you finally dwell in My house? Will you dwell in My presence? Will you choose to lay down your life and let Me take you from glory to glory? For I have said, ALL who come I will in no ways turn away. So come, come unto Me. Turn your affections towards Me so as I can lift you up. Cast off all those old garments of the past and let Me put upon you that new clean garment, so as you may come boldly before Me. I desire to lift you up and have you come up hither with Me sayeth the Lord.

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