Is My joy complete?

Is My joy complete?

Has My joy consumed you? Is My joy complete? For lo, I have said My joy is your strength. For do you not realize, I joy over you? Do you not realize; I sing over you? Do you not know; I dance over you? For you were the joy set before Me while My Son was upon the cross. I say, let Me fill you with My joy. Let Me flood you with gladness. For I have pursued you. I have sought after you. My heart is after you and My desire has been for you. For though the enemy would try to dissuade you and turn you away from Me, let Me fill you with gladness. Let Me turn sorrow into joy. Let Me love you and take from you all that would cause you worry, hurt, fear or any care. For I have said, cast all your cares upon Me for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. So I say come, joy in Me. Joy in the God of your salvation sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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