Holiness Part 3 by Tanner – age 18

Something that many believers (mostly newborns) that love the Lord and want to live according to the higher call do or have done is read the word and find the requirements and instructions on how to live up to the standard that God has set. Then, once they have found these things they err by trying to do these things in their own strength. This is a snare the devil sets for every believer in Christ. The lie that the devil uses to ensnare believers is that the higher call is obtained through works…the law. Paul addresses grace versus the law in all of his letters. The Lord Jesus Christ came to give a grace that fulfills the law. Without the fulfillment of the law, whether by grace or by works, no man can have covenant with the Lord. Holiness includes the fulfillment of the law. This grace is provided by God through faith to do His will on the earth. Paul makes it very clear that no man is justified through the law. Works are deeds that are done, but works do not cause you to obtain righteousness. You are born again and become a son of God; holy, righteousness, blameless. You are holy. You do not have to try to be holy…you are!!! You must have faith in God changing you into a new creature. You do not do works to become a son. You are a son, therefore submit to God and let him do the work through you.

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