Has the wind blown?

Has the wind blown?

Has the wind of My Spirit blown through you? For just as breath blows through an instrument to make music, so I choose to blow through you, to make the music of heaven evident on this earth. I say, allow the wind of My Spirit blow through you. Allow Me to blow out the dust, to blow out the stale and refresh you. As you allow Me to blow the breath of life in and through you, you become a beautiful instrument, an instrument used by Me, for Me. Used to broadcast My love, My joy, My glory. So I say, stay humble. For it is the humble, open vessels that are easily used by Me, for they do not resist and obstruct. So I ask again, will you allow the wind of My spirit blow through you and change you into that perfect instrument? That instrument to glorify Me and My name sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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