What will you bring?

What will you bring?

What will you bring forth? Will you bring forth praises to My name? Will you bring forth a shout for joy? Will you bring forth My joy, My peace and My love? For lo, there are those who only bring forth doubt and unbelief. There are those who bring forth nothing that shows Me forth. I say to you, shine forth My glory. Shine forth My love. Bring Me to a lost and dying world. For lo, too many have tasted religion. Too many have tasted mixture. I say bring Me to them. Bring them the spring and wells of living water. Let them taste and see. I say to you, bring them My goodness and I will lead them to repentance. For My spirit, My love and My goodness will draw men in and if I be lifted up I will draw ALL men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

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