Has it been blown?

Has it been blown?

Has the battle cry gone out? Has the trumpet been blown? For lo, the army has began to assemble. For far too long they have been scattered abroad, yet I tell you, the alarm has been sound. The body, My body, is unifying once again. For I have said, the gates of hell shall NOT prevail. For I tell you, the fires of revival are going forth. The kindling has been set in place and laid in order. Soon, it shall consume all. Soon, My fire shall cover all. I tell you, the foxes are being brought together. That which has been torn apart by the enemy is being brought back. The unity of My body shall stand forth. All shall see. All shall know. For they shall know you are mine by your love. They shall know, for you will be one just as Christ and I are one sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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