Have you played it?

Have you played it? Have you played the instrument of love? Have you plucked the strings of My heart? For lo, as you go forth as Me and testify of Me, you play it. For your life is a beautiful sound to Me. As you allow the wind of My spirit blow in you and through you, you become a lovely sound in My ears. It is when you become a sacrifice of praise and worship Me in spirit and in truth, you resound and resonate with the music of My love. It is an intimate song. It is a personal song. It is a new song just for Me. It comes out of intimacy. It comes out of relationship. It comes out of your pure love for Me. So abide in Me, walk with Me and play that music I so love to hear sayeth the Lord.

What will be done?

What will be done? I tell you this, the lost shall be found. The dead raised up to life and My name shall be glorified. For this is the generation that will see the next great move of My spirit. Many would doubt. Many would jeer and laugh. Yet I tell you, I have prepared My bride. I will have a remnant. I will have a people sanctified and set apart by Me and for Me. This world will see the greatest move of My spirit, no human has ever seen, felt or experienced before. It will be glorious. It will be epic and it will be wondrous. For it will impact this whole earth. I say, be ready. Be prepared. Be full of Me, My spirit and My word. For it shall come in like a mighty flood and cover this earth once again sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Are they in sync?

Are they in sync? Are our hearts in sync? Is your heart in sync with your brothers? For lo, I said they shall know you are mine by your love. I have given you My heart. Choose to let it beat in sync with mine. For I am the head, you are the body. I desire unity in My body, yet too many have allowed denomination, religion, selfishness and flesh to kill and destroy the unity I desire. Too many have allowed the poison of the enemy in to destroy what I created as beautiful. I say, humble your heart. Seek Me first and let your heart beat one with mine. As you do, and you walk in My love, all will see My beloved body rise up and be one as we are one sayeth the Lord.

What does it look like?

What does it look like? Can you tell me? Do not look at what things appear to be. Do not look at it with the natural eye. Do not look with the eyes of the flesh or your own strength and understanding. I said man looks at the outward appearance. Let Me reveal to you that which is hidden. Let Me show you the unseen realm. Do not forget what I said, you see in part and you prophesy in part. Walk by faith. Ask of Me and I will reveal it. For lo, My next great move is closer than it appears. I have began to move upon this nation, I have began to move upon this people. Do not look at the outward appearance. Look to Me, look in faith. For you will see My hand is upon this nation. My hand is upon this people and the wind of My spirit is blowing. The fires of revival will be proved in Me and through Me. For My bride will burn with My fire. This nation will be set ablaze once again all for My glory sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Praise Me!

Praise Me! Praise Me in the heights. Praise Me in the depths. Praise Me in the midst of ALL things. For lo, I inhabit the praises of My people. Lift up My name. Lift up your voice. I say to you, joy in the God of your salvation. When you praise Me and worship Me, the enemy HAS to flee. I made it clear in My word, My joy is your strength. Praise Me and be full of My joy. For in My presence is fullness of joy. Praise Me in the midst of all things and watch as the gates, walls and barriers fall before you. For you lift Me up, glorify Me and put the enemy to an open shame sayeth the Lord.

Do not be weary

Do not be weary. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy. For I have placed My hand upon this nation. I said you are to cast your cares upon Me. For My yoke is easy. My burden is light. Is there anything too great for Me? Is there anything too mighty for Me? I said you are to rest in Me. Pray without ceasing. For behold I will do the work that must be done. I will cause all the plans of the enemy to fall before Me. Do not fear, do not worry, for I will do all that must be done. It will be miraculous. It will be glorious. It will be all for My glory, honor and praise sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

America, My land

Oh My land. Oh My land. How I long for you. How I long for you to turn to Me. How I long to heal you. Will you humble your hearts? Will you deny Me? Will you defy Me? For I long for you. I have set you above all other countries. I have set My grace upon you. Return to Me. Let My fire reign in you once again. For I will reign in this land, this people and this nation once again. America the beautiful. My America, the apple of My eye, return to Me, burn for Me. Burn with the fire of revival. For I will set this nation ablaze. Those who burn with My fire will burn seven times hotter. Those who are dry and dead will be set ablaze. Those who are My enemies, those who are lovers of self, the world and walk contrary to Me and My word, will be consumed and taken out sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Does it long?

Does it long? Does it pant? What does your heart long for? What does it pant after? What does your soul desire and cling to? Does it long after Me? Does it pant after Me? Does it desire and cling to Me? Does your soul thirst for Me? For lo, I will satisfy you. I will fill you and come unto you. There are those who claim to be mine yet they long for, pant after, desire and cling to the things of this world and the flesh. Long for Me and I will fill you. Pant for Me and I will satisfy you. I will overshadow you and cover you as a hen covers her chicks. I will surround you and embrace you. I will give drink to all who thirst after Me. I will feed all who hunger after Me. You will be satisfied and full, filled to abundance. For I am with you, I love you and love to fill you, bless you and give you the best gifts sayeth the Lord.

Are you ready?

Has it shifted? Has it moved? Can you feel it? Can you see it? For lo, the birth pains have began. Do not be weary. No, do not be dismayed. For lo, I am with you, even till the end. I have forwarned you and told you what is to come. You trust in and rely upon Me. I will move upon this earth like never before. This is going to be the greatest harvest ever seen. Time is short. I come quickly. So I say watch and pray. Wash your hands oh ye sinners. Be found ready. Be found with your wedding garments on. Yes, be full of oil, washed without spot or wrinkle. For lo, I desire a pure bride, one who seeks Me, waits for Me and desires My face. I desire a pure bride who keeps herself for Me. For lo, I come when no man knoweth but the father sayeth the Lord.

What have I given you?

What have I given you? I have given you all you need. I have given you every good and perfect gift. I have given you life and life more abundantly. I have given you the kingdom. I have not given it to you for your benefit but for mine, to bring Me glory, to bring Me honor and praise. I so loved the world I gave My one and only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should NOT perish but have everlasting life. I have given you all I am, My word, My spirit, My love and My power. So as you can pour out and give Me unto all who do not know Me. Yes, unto all who are lost and dying sayeth the Lord.