Do you want to see it?

Do you want to see it? Do you want to see My glory? Do you want Me to show you My glory? For lo, many say they want it and that they desire it, yet in reality they do not. My glory exposes what is in your heart. My glory shines upon and reveals the hidden things in your life. Yes, there are many who long for My glory, to be purged and cleansed from all that offends and defiles. They hunger and thirst after My righteousness and My truth. They will be filled. Know this, those who seek Me will find Me. Come, dwell in My presence, dwell in My glory. In My glory is transformative power. In My glory is My fullness. Allow Me to wash you, cleanse you and remove EVERY ounce of dross. For I will refine you and you shall be holy, pure, spotless and without reproach before Me sayeth the Lord.

Has it been hidden?

Has it been hidden? Well know this, it will be shown forth. I tell you, winter has gone and spring has come. That which has been hidden is beginning to be exposed. Though it may have appeared and seemed dead, life has come forth. Just as in the valley of dry bones, life has come out of death. My righteous bride has prophesied and spoken over and to that which was and appeared dead. Yet, I tell you, life is rearing her head. It may not seem noticeable at first, but suddenly. Suddenly as if out of nowhere it is clearly seen to all. All will see, that which seemed to be dead will sprout up and bring forth life. For I will have a pure bride. I will have a mighty army, full of My fire, full of My spirit and full of My power and word. All will be exposed, those who are mine and those who are not. For I will bring forth the truth and expose the lie sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

What is that sound?

What is that sound? Can you hear it? It is the sound of My people. It is the sound of a mighty rushing wind. Many do not hear it. For it is but soft and low. Know this, the sound of My fire, the sound of My spirit, yes the sound of revival is growing. For suddenly it will be unmistakable. It will be a loud crescendo of My voice, My love, My spirit and My word. It will be the sound of My body united in Me. It will be the sound of My body united together, one in spirit and one in love. I said this world will know you are mine by your love. This sound will shake the world. This sound will shake nations, cities and villages. Will you be a part of that sound? Will you be part of the sound of heaven or will you be a tinkling bell and a clanging cymbal? Choose to be My beloved. Choose to be My voice, My love and My fullness on this earth sayeth the Lord.


O how My heart cries out for thee. O how I desire for you to come and stand next to Me. O that you would come and dwell in My presence. Come and know Me as I know you. Abide in My glory. Abide in My presence. Abide in My fullness. Why would you carry that burden? Why would you stay so far from Me? Did you not remember, did you not know, I stick closer than a brother? Come dwell in Me as I dwell in you. For I will pour out the rains of refreshing. Just as I have said in My word, you will be firmly rooted and grounded in Me sayeth the Lord.

In spirit and in truth

In spirit, in spirit, in spirit and in truth. That is what I desire. I desire you to worship Me in spirit and in truth. For lo, many do not. There are many who worship out of the flesh. There are many who worship out of their own understanding and feelings. I say to you, let your life be a life of pure worship unto Me. Be that sacrifice of praise. Worship Me for who I am. Worship Me with clean hands and a pure heart. I have cleansed you. I have purified you. I have made you holy, blameless and without reproach before Me. As you worship Me in spirit and in truth, it comes up before Me as a sweet smelling savor to My nostrils. Lay down your life, take up your cross and your life will be a living example of worship to Me in spirit and truth. For it is no longer you who lives but Christ who lives in you sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Have you danced?

Have you danced? Who have you danced with? For lo, many of My people have chosen to dance with sin. Many have danced with religion, tradition and all that seems right to a man. I ask you this, will you dance with Me? Will you stop playing the whore and dance with Me? For lo, I dance over you with joy? Come close to Me, let Me lead you and we will dance together. As we do, the world will see and know you are mine. To dance together we must agree. We must be close. I desire an intimate dance. Dance to the music of My heart. Dance to the music of My spirit and My love. Dance with Me, let Me hold you close and know you are mine and I am yours sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Is it the end?

Do not think this is the end. For lo, I have much to do before My return. I have a great harvest to bring in. I will move mightily on this earth. I will move on, in and through My creation. All will be impacted. All will be touched. I said no one knows the time, yet you will know the season. Prepare yourself. Put on your wedding garments. Yes, be full of My oil. For I will come and move such as this world has never been seen before. I will take those who have been broken and discarded by religion, tradition and the “church” and use them mightily for My glory. I said I will take the foolish things and use them to confound the wise. I say to you, be ready. Be willing. Be that humble vessel of honor. For now is the time, the harvest is ripe. I will reap a great harvest and then gather it in to MY storehouses sayeth the Lord.

Will I liquidate it?

I tell you this, watch and see. For I will do a great thing in this nation. What will I do? I will settle accounts with all who have opposed Me. Will I liquidate it? I tell you, yes! For though I have seemed to be quiet for all this time, I have just extended My mercy. I have given them time to turn and to repent, yet now is the time. Now is the time I will liquidate all those who walk in contrast to Me. I made it clear in My word, there will be those who think they have, which will be taken from them and it will be given to those who have more. I will tolerate this no more. This world will see who is truly mine and who is not. For lo, those who are truly mine have loved not their lives unto death. They have crucified their flesh, taken up their cross and followed Me. They have chosen to be My beloved sayeth the Lord of glory.

Have you played it?

Have you played it? Have you played the instrument of love? Have you plucked the strings of My heart? For lo, as you go forth as Me and testify of Me, you play it. For your life is a beautiful sound to Me. As you allow the wind of My spirit blow in you and through you, you become a lovely sound in My ears. It is when you become a sacrifice of praise and worship Me in spirit and in truth, you resound and resonate with the music of My love. It is an intimate song. It is a personal song. It is a new song just for Me. It comes out of intimacy. It comes out of relationship. It comes out of your pure love for Me. So abide in Me, walk with Me and play that music I so love to hear sayeth the Lord.

What will be done?

What will be done? I tell you this, the lost shall be found. The dead raised up to life and My name shall be glorified. For this is the generation that will see the next great move of My spirit. Many would doubt. Many would jeer and laugh. Yet I tell you, I have prepared My bride. I will have a remnant. I will have a people sanctified and set apart by Me and for Me. This world will see the greatest move of My spirit, no human has ever seen, felt or experienced before. It will be glorious. It will be epic and it will be wondrous. For it will impact this whole earth. I say, be ready. Be prepared. Be full of Me, My spirit and My word. For it shall come in like a mighty flood and cover this earth once again sayeth the Lord God Almighty.