Does your heart sing?

Is your joy complete in Me? For I have given you a song, a song of rejoicing. It is a new song, a song of the spirit. For every time you say My name, every time you bring Me to remembrance, every time you think on My word and hide it in your heart, it is a beautiful melody in My ears. It is the song of the beloved. A sweet beautiful tune, set in affection to Me. For Me. By Me. So as you look to Me and live for Me, your life becomes My melody. So allow My joy to permeate all you are and allow your heart to sing of My goodness and love sayeth the Lord.

Have you desired it?

Have you desired the things I have for you or have you desired Me? For many of My people have been taught to desire the gifts. Yes, gifts are good and you should desire the best ones needed. Yet, it is far more important to seek and desire Me, the giver of the gifts. So many desire what I can do for them. They lose sight of desiring Me for who I am. I say to you, desire Me, desire My Spirit, My fire and My Word. Those who desire Me find Me. Desire to continue in My presence, to dwell in the secret place, to hide in the cleft of the rock. For those who do, will never be put out, they will never be put away. For I have said, draw neigh to Me and I will draw neigh to you. Desire Me as I desire you. Love Me as I love you and watch Me work mightily in and through you sayeth the Lord.

Are your ears open?

Are your ears open or are they stopped up with what the world has to say? Are your ears open to hear what My spirit says? For there are far too many people who have ears to hear yet do not, they cannot. For their ears have waxed gross. They have turned and listened to another. You see, My sheep KNOW My voice and a stranger they will not harken unto. Those who are mine hear My voice, they know Me. I desire all to come and know Me, to hear My voice, to be set free. I say, turn to Me so that I may turn to you. Allow Me to give you ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to understand. For faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Let Me open your ears and become all you need sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Holiness week 26 – by Tanner age 18

One common misconception in the church is that as a person does better things and tries to be more holy they earn more of God’s love. Many Christians think that doing better things will improve their relationship with God. This way of thinking is backwards. The works come out of God giving righteousness (right standing with God). Jesus paid the price to reconcile us back to the image of God and full relationship with God which was lost in the garden. As we spend more time with God we become more like Him. We don’t have to try to be like Him so that we will have access to Him. We have been given access to the Father through the Holy Spirit. We just have to spend time with God. God wants relationship or else He wouldn’t have sent Jesus. Righteousness is right standing or relationship with God and “righteousness bears its fruit unto holiness”. So as you seek the Lord and build your relationship with Him, you become more like Him and you begin to bear Holy fruit without even trying to be Holy. God ultimately said I love you through sending Jesus. Jesus did everything the Father told him to do and all of Jesus ‘ life was full of love…that shows that He loves us. The Bible says, “we love Him because He first loved us”. When we see the love He has for us, we can’t help but love Him and the more we love Him, the more we want to have complete relationship with Him. Don’t worry about your works, believe, seek Him first, the works will follow close behind. Focus on knowing Him. He wants a relationship with you. Just give Him your life (your time). Seek Him and watch the works follow.

Matthew 6:33  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

1 John 4:19  We love him, because he first loved us.

Have you fallen short?

Have you ever been in lack or without? Did I not say I am your all-sufficient one? For you see, you lack NOTHING in Me. I have given you every good and perfect gift. You have the kingdom. Does not the child have what the father owns? I tell you, allow Me to open your eyes. Allow Me to reveal to you who you are. The earth is mine and the fullness thereof. I have given you the fullness of My Spirit, life and life more abundantly. It is now time for you, My people, to take it by faith, to believe it, to know it and to become all I have created you to be. In Me there is no lack. I have given you every spiritual blessing. I have given you My Holy Spirit. I have made you Kings and Priests. The enemy is under your feet. So walk today, walk in that which you are, My beloved child, sayeth the Lord.

Have you moved?

Are you firmly planted? Do you have a solid foundation? For there are many who do not. Their foundation is upon their own ideas, doctrines and the arm of the flesh. I came that you would be set in Me, restored unto Me, to be firmly planted like a tree by the living waters, to be a tree of righteousness. I desire your roots to run deep, deep into the soil of who I am, to draw the nutrients you need from Me, My spirit, and My word. For the winds will blow, storms will come, yet those planted with a firm foundation will stand. For they are rooted and grounded in Me. So become that tree. Set your affections on Me. Become rooted and grounded today. For today is a new day, a fresh day, today is the day of salvation sayeth the Mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Who has set it?

Who has set the limits? Has it been you, religion, doctrine or the world? Am I set by limits? NO! I am an infinite God, Creator of heaven and earth. Too many have done all they can to limit Me, to put Me into a box. Have I not said in My word, NOTHING is impossible to them that believe? Stop listening to those around you. Do not listen to circumstances and situations. For I will make water flow from a rock. I will make the waters go hither and tither. I will do that which seems impossible. For in those times I will show myself true and strong. Remember to trust in and rely on Me. For I am faithful to perform all I said I would. For I am the God of all creation, the God who loves you. So stand firm in Me and let Me do that which seems impossible to and for you sayeth the Lord God Jehovah, the Lord of hosts.

Have you a heart to worship?

Lift up your voice and praise. Be silent no more, let your cries be heard. For I understand the cries of your heart. I understand the worship of a pure spirit. As you worship Me, I move on your behalf. As you worship, My spirit is poured out. Run to worship Me, not away. For I desire those who would worship Me in spirit and in truth, with a tender, pure heart says the mighty Lord of hosts.

Is it THAT big?

For I hold the oceans in the palm of My hand. Is it too big for Me to move a mountain? For too many do not believe Me, nor My word. I say, I can only move with faith that is alive and active. I cannot and will not move with faith that is dead and lifeless. For I say, too many confess with their mouth, yet do not believe with their heart. Many walk in hope. I say plant the seed of faith, water it with belief in Me, belief that I am and I will accomplish all I said I’ll do. For I watch over My word to perform it. It will NOT return void. So rest in Me, in My word and watch all the seed you have sown come to fruition. For as long as the earth remains, there is seedtime and harvest. Rely on Me and watch all be accomplished sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

What will you believe?

Will you believe the report of man? Will you believe the lie of the enemy? Will you believe the flesh and the reports of this world? I say believe Me! For My word is true. My word NEVER fails. For many have come to close their eyes to the truth of My word. They would rather believe what they can see, touch, feel, smell and taste. I say you are to walk by the spirit. You are to walk by faith. Be not deceived. Let My truth permeate your very being. For truth dispels a lie. Believe Me, believe My word. Let Me prove My word true and show myself strong on your behalf sayeth the Lord.