Lift it up!

Lift it up! Lift up your voice in praise. Let the whole world hear it. Let the enemy hear it. Praise Me in the midst of hard times. Praise Me in the midst of the storms. Remember, I inhabit the praises of My people. Joy in the God of your salvation. For I will take that which the enemy meant for evil and turn it around for good to them that love Me and are called by My name sayeth the Lord.

Will you sow?

Will you sow? What is it? What will you sow into? Will you sow into the flesh? Will you sow into self? Will you sow into the world and sin? For lo, such as a man sows that will he reap.Will you sow My word into you? Will you sow your time and life into Me? Will you sow into that intimacy I so desire? I tell you, watch as you do. For it will produce a great harvest. Those who sow into the flesh will reap the flesh. Spirit will reap the spirit. For lo, flesh gives birth to flesh and spirit to spirit. Chose to sow into that which is eternal. For as you do remember, I bring the increase sayeth the Lord.

Who chose who?

Who chose who? Did you choose Me or did I choose you? I tell you, I chose you? I chose you to be mine. I chose you to be My beloved sons and daughters from the foundation of the earth. Do not listen to the distorted lies of the enemy. Know this, the devil is the father of lies, he is a liar from the beginning. I chose you. For behold, I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. You just need to come to Me and receive. I have given every man a free will. I have chosen you, yet I said in My word, choose you this day whom you will serve. Know this, I have proved My love for you in that while you were yet sinners, Christ died for you. You were the joy set before Me as Christ hung upon the cross. I have chosen you, to be My bride, to be holy, blameless and without reproach. I have chosen you to be the jewel in My crown for I love you so and desire you sayeth the Lord.

Let Me expand you.

Let Me do it. Let Me expand you. Let Me expand your territory. For lo, I will blow upon the waters. I will reveal a new area, a new plain, a new arena for you to have and to go. I will go before you. You just go and do as I lead you. Go and occupy. I said it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. As you allow Me to expand you, I will fill you more and more. Too many of My people have chosen to stand still. They have chosen to remain stagnant, yet I long to expand them. Open your heart. Be willing and obedient. For lo, I will expand you and cause you to eat the good of the land and be full of My presence, My spirit, My power and My glory sayeth the Lord.

Will you go?

Will you go? Will you go and collect that which I have for you? Will you receive it? For lo, many refuse. For too many have determined when, why, how and what will come, yet I am new every morning. I said, behold I do a new thing. Nothing is impossible with Me. Just know I will supply all your needs. Trust in and rely upon Me. I say, believe that you receive. Remember, I am Jehovah Jireh. I am your provider. Look to Me. Trust Me and see the mighty work I do sayeth the Lord.

Will you put a demand?

Will you put a demand upon it? Will you put a demand upon My word? I said in My word, command ye Me. Tell Me this, how can it move unless you put a demand upon it? It is the same way with an engine. It will sit and do nothing unless you put a demand upon it. I tell you, faith is the fuel, put a demand upon My word. Believe that you receive it. Know that I am more than able, more than willing to do all I said. For lo, My word will not return void. It will accomplish all I sent it out to do. I said, ask and it shall be given to you. I am not a man that I should lie nor the son of man that I should repent. Come boldly before My throne. Stand in faith. For faith without works is dead and without faith it is impossible to please Me sayeth the Lord.

Are you hungry?

Are you hungry? Have you had enough? Are you full? Ask and I will give to you. Let Me give you calamus. For lo, I will cause you to be hungry. I will give you that insatiable appetite. Too many have been hungry, yet then they fill up with the things of flesh, self, this world and all that seems right to a man. They are not hungry for Me. They are not hungry for My spirit or My word. Too many have become proud and arrogant, full of self righteousness and religion. Remember what I said? If salt loses its saltiness it is thrown out and good for nothing. Come, taste and see I am good. Be restored. For I will give you a hunger for more of Me, more of all I am and more of all I have for you. The hungrier you get, the more I will give. So come and eat the fat, drink the sweet and be filled to overflowing sayeth the Lord.

Let Me lift you.

Will you let Me do it? Let Me lift you. Let Me lift you up. Let Me lift you up and take you higher. For lo, I said I will lift you up out of the dust and the dung. Reach out to Me. Call out to Me. For as you begin to sink, I will stretch forth My hand and lift you up. I tell you this, I will lift you up to a new realm of My glory. I will lift you up to a place you have never been or seen before. I said I will take you from glory to glory, from victory to victory. Let Me lift you up and know I have seated you in heavenly places, at My right hand with Christ Jesus sayeth the Lord.

Have you called it?

Have you called it? Have you called it your own? Have you called that which is not as though it were? For lo, many have called it according to the flesh, according to that which they can see and feel. I made it clear in My Word, I have given EVERY man the measure of faith. I say, work your faith, call yourself all I said you are in My word. For there are many who do not. I say, be called My beloved. Be called My pure bride. For there is power in your words. I said, life and death are in the power of the tongue. Remember what I said, you are to call it. For I said, decree a thing that it may be established unto you. I say call it. Call it into existence. For as I am so are you on this earth sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Can I fill it?

Can I fill it? Will you allow Me to? Will you make it available? For lo, I will fill My temple. Remember, you are the temple of the Holy Ghost. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Just as I filled the temple in My word so shall I fill My temple now. The flesh cannot stand in My presence. As I fill My temple the flesh is put down. As I fill My temple, the flesh is put down. As I fill the temple with My spirit, My word and My glory, the flesh cannot stand, yet you must decide. You must make room. Seek Me, love Me, desire Me and let me fill you to overflowing with all I am sayeth the Lord.