Are you iron?

Tell Me this, are you iron? Are you sharp? Will you be that iron that sharpens iron? Will you be that which encourages and strengthens his brother and sister? For lo, there are those who do not. For they are full of self, pride, flesh and religion. They are iron, yet all they do is dull and break down. They cause those who are a weapon in My hand to become useless and void. I tell you, you rely upon Me, abide in My presence, allow My spirit to sharpen you. For it is My word, My spirit and My presence that will sharpen you. For I will cause you to be mighty in My hand. It is when My word comes out of your mouth, by My spirit, that you become that iron that sharpens iron. Just trust Me and walk in My presence and speak that which I command you. For I will be lifted up sayeth the Lord.

Have they settled?

What has happened? Have they settled? Have the gifts and callings I have given you settled and become buried under self, flesh and the things of this world? I say, stir them up! Stir up the gifts inside of you. Stir them up and let them bubble forth. Know this, I have given them to you for a reason. I have given them to you without repentance. For lo, I have said in My word, My gifts and callings are without repentance. Stir them up and use them to bring Me glory. Use them to bring Me honor. Encourage yourself in Me. Know that as you do, I will cause My love, My spirit, My glory and My power to bubble up and go forth. It will go forth and transform a lost and dying world sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

What will you do?

What will you do? Will you grab it? Will you grab hold of My word? Will you grab it by faith and run with it? For lo, too many have heard My word, yet they have never grabbed onto it. It has become nothing more than words on a page. Many have just allowed it to be stored up in their head, never letting it sink into their spirit. I said, faith without works is dead. Use the measure of faith I have given you. Grab hold of My living word and watch as it becomes active in your life. I say to you, be a doer of My word. Choose you this day. Choose to allow My spirit, My love, My word and all I am to lead you. Choose to grab hold and watch as I transform you and fulfill all I created you to be sayeth the Lord.

Will you follow?

What will you do? Will you follow? Will you follow Me? Will you allow Me to lead you? For lo, I will lead you into the fullness of all I created you to be. Will you choose to take up your cross and follow Me? For behold, there are those who have followed their own selfishness, the world and sin. Too many, even My people, have chosen to follow that which seems right to a man. Yet I tell you, it leads to destruction. You are to follow peace. You, as My beloved, are to follow the leading of My Holy Spirit. Follow as I direct you into the paths of righteousness. Follow Me and I will take you into a new land. I will take you into a newness of all I am and all I have for you sayeth the Lord.

Have they parted?

Have you stood on the bank? Have you seen the enemy riding in and coming close? I say, be still. Peace, be still. For lo, I am that wall of fire round about you. I am that pillar of fire by night and that pillar of cloud by day. Set your eyes upon Me. Watch what I do. For behold, I will part the waters. Did I not say, when the enemy comes against you like a flood, I will raise up a standard against him. I have never changed. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I say again, watch and see. For I will cause you to walk upon dry ground. I will cause the enemy to be confounded. I will loose the wheels off his chariots. For NO weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. You are My chosen, peculiar people. You are My beloved. Yes, I will part the waters and behold, the enemy will be covered and destroyed as he pursues My beloved bride. Just trust Me, walk in and by My spirit. Fulfill all I have called you to be. Know that I am for you sayeth the great and mighty Lord God Jehovah.

Have you heard it?

Have you? Have you heard it? Have you heard the cry of My heart? Can you? Can you hear it? Has it become lost in the noise of the world? Has it become lost and drowned out by the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life? Do you really want to hear it? Then I say to you, come unto Me. Humble yourself, be still and know I am God. Crucify your flesh and give it a voice no more. I said I would give you ears to hear. For lo, I desire to speak with you. I desire that intimate communion. Just come, humble yourself before Me and see. Humble yourself before Me and know. Humble yourself before Me and hear. For I will reveal My heart to you. I will remove that stony heart. I will put in a heart of flesh. Remember this, My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Can you read it?

Have you read it? Can you read it? Can you read the day, the hour and the weather? If you can so easily read that which is in the natural, why can you not read what is to come in the spirit? I have told you to watch and pray. Yes, pray in the spirit and with understanding. I made it clear in My word, you shall know the season of My coming. Behold, I come quickly. Will you be prepared? I tell you, many have fallen asleep. Many of My servants have become drunk. Drunk with the world, drunk with the flesh and drunk with sin. I will come and those who have become drunk on the world, the flesh and sin will be taken unawares. I say, be full of the oil of My spirit. Be decked and adorned for the wedding supper. I say to you, behold, the harvest is ripe. I come quickly. Today is the day of salvation. Be washed, be made new. Be cleansed and transformed into that new creature. For I long to say, well done. I long to say, come enter into My joy, lest the door be shut and I must say, depart from Me for I never knew you sayeth the Lord.

Will you come up here?

What will you do? Will you come up here? Will you come up hither? Will you come up higher? Will you come up and go from glory to glory? Will you be like the others? Will you be like those who stand at the foot of the mountain? They cower, cover their ears and demand someone else speaks for them and to them. I call out to you. Come up hither. Come up higher. For I will hide you in My glory. I will cover you with My hand. Are you willing to put pride, self and flesh far from you? For it is only the humble, the pure of heart and those who have died to self that can and will come. I say, ask of Me. I will cleanse you. I will strengthen you. I will bring you into a place you have never seen, heard or known before. It shall be glorious. It shall be wondrous. It shall be all for My glory sayeth the Lord.

Let it go!

Let it go! Let it go out and go forth and pierce the atmosphere. I say to you, My word is active. It is alive and sharper than any two edged sword. Speak My word in faith. Let it go out in the power of My might. I said, life and death are in the power of the tongue. Do not be defeated. Do not allow the enemy to deceive you. I said to take every thought captive and bring it into subjection, all that dares exalt itself above Me. I tell you, be that willing, obedient vessel meet for My use. For behold, I will put My words in your mouth. They will be fire and those who hear will be as stubble. So I say again, let it go. For it shall not return void. Let it go in faith, for I watch over My word to perform it sayeth the Lord.

What do you want to grow?

What do you want to grow? What have you planted? Have you planted the seeds of faith? Have you planted the seeds of hope? Have you planted My word in the soil of your heart? Have you planted the seeds of doubt? Have you planted the seeds of rebellion, unbelief, selfishness and flesh? I said, you are to tend the garden. Tend the garden of your heart. For that which a man sows that will he reap. Will you let that which is not of Me, My word or My spirit take root? I would, that you allow Me to come and master your garden. For I will pluck up and remove the weeds, the thorns and the brambles. As you abide in Me, My presence, My word and My spirit, you will produce much fruit. For you will sow into your relationship with Me. I will cause it to grow. Yes, grow and be fertile and bring forth much fruit sayeth the Lord God Almighty.