Will you let Me gather you?

Will you let Me gather you up? Will you allow Me to clean your threshing floor? Let Me separate and burn up that which does not belong. Let Me consume that which has no value, that which is dead. For I have set you aside. I desire purity, wholeness, not mixture. No, I never said it would be easy. I never promised it to be comfortable. I said those who ENDURE to the end shall be saved. So allow Me to strip off all that is not of Me. Come and humble yourself before Me and allow My fire to purge you sayeth the Mighty Lord God of heaven and earth.

Is it done yet?

Is your faith perfected yet? Well, let Me finish the work that I have started. For I tell you, I will perfect that which I have started. I will perfect that which I have placed within you. For I am not a half way God. I have said, I watch over My word to perform it and it will NOT return void but will accomplish all I set it forth to do. Just continue to rely upon Me. Walk in My spirit. Allow Me to mold you and shape you into the direct image of Me. For I am the potter, you are the clay. I will cast you and mold you and refine you in My fire. You will be a vessel of honor, fully ready for My use. Though it may not seem comfortable or nice, My hands are upon you. Just trust in and rely upon Me sayeth the Lord.

Which side of Me would you like to see?

For I am many things. I have many sides. I am that I am. I am the living water. I am life. I am peace. I am holiness. I am everything pure and good. I have everything pure and good. If you are pure and holy you can see any side of Me. For then you have access to all of Me. All good things are yours. All good things you can see. You can see all of Me sayeth the Lord.

Can you sense it?

Can you sense it? Can you smell it? Can you feel it in the air? For lo, I tell you this, the first droplets have began to fall. For I tell you, the first droplets have began to fall, for I am sending forth the former and the latter rain. The clouds have formed. I say watch and see, for the rains will come. I will rain down upon this earth. It will be the rains of revival. The rain of My spirit will flood this globe, this nation, this state and this city. I tell you this, all will be impacted. I say, be ready, be prepared. For those who are mine will be swept up and catapulted into a new realm of Me. Those who are not, yet say they are, will be swept away. For I tell you this, the rains will come. The flood will appear and I will separate all those who are truly mine from those who are not. Just come, be ready, be full of Me, My love and My spirit and watch as I do a great and mighty work sayeth the Lord.

Will you move?

Will you move in Me, in my presence or will you move in your own power? Will you move in the spirit or in the flesh? There are those, called by My name, who move in the sensual realm. They move according to their feelings, according to the flesh. They do not function in My spirit. They are not submitted to Me. Those who submit to Me, to My spirit, they move in and by Me. They dwell in My glory. They move as the wind of My spirit blows. So be submitted to Me, all of who you are, every area. Allow My Spirit to consume you. Let go of that sensual selfish realm, for the longer you function in it, you will stay in it, you will be cut off. I can graft some back in, yet they MUST be submitted to Me. They must rely on Me and not on their own strength sayeth the Lord God Almighty.


Are you desperate?

Are you desperate? For what? For ME? Are you desperate to know Me and who I am? Many are just seeking a sign. Many are seeking after a touch. Many after something they’ve lost years ago. They will never be satisfied. For I have said it before, it is a wicked and perverse generation that seeks after a sign. I say, seek ME! Love Me. Hunger for Me. For I will touch the hungry hearts. I will fill the desperate, those who are desperate for Me, not what I do, not what I have, not for signs and wonders.  For those who truly love Me and seek Me, signs and wonders will follow them. They became a sign and a wonder. A sign to the world and a wonder to those who have never seen sayeth the mighty God of heaven and earth, the great God Jehovah

Have you began to feed?

Have you began to take My word and feast upon it? Have you began to chew it up and take it in? For too many have been snacking. Too many have only had a tidbit here and there. They believe they are strong. Yet, so many of My people are sickly, dying and emaciated. They eat enough to barely survive. I say, ask of Me. Let Me fill you to overflowing. I say, feed upon Me. Feed upon My word. Feed upon My Spirit. Grow up, grow fat in the spirit of truth. It is time to be full of all I am, all I have. For I tell you, what you put in you, is what you’ll get out. For whatsoever a man sows, that will he reap. So feed upon Me, feed upon My word. Feed upon My spirit and watch the transformation happen in your life sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Have you consumed it?

Have you eaten My flesh and drank My blood? Have you eaten that hidden manna? For too many of My people are full. They are full of things other than Me. Too many of My people are full of milk. They are reliant on others to be bottle fed. I never intended My people to stay as babes. It is time to eat that which makes you grow. Fill up on Me. Fill up on My word. Fill up with My spirit. Allow it to become a part of you. Consume the fat and drink the sweet. Those who eat My flesh and drink My blood, those who devour my word, they will endure to the end. They will have the strength to continue. They will be full of My oil. They are the five wise virgins. I tell you, begin today. For I do love you. Seek Me while I may be found sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Let Me Anoint your head

Let Me anoint your head with oil. Let My spirit cover you and saturate you. Let Me cover you with My presence. For I have called you. I have called you to be My own. For lo, you have been sanctified. You have been set apart. You are a holy people, My holy nation. For all shall know, all shall see. It shall not be a hidden thing. You are mine. I say, I shall set you in a place of honor. For those whose hearts are pure, those whose hearts are towards Me, they shall be a spectacle. They shall bring Me glory. They shall be the example of Me. So lo, humble yourself. Be My beloved. Allow Me to bring you forth. For I desire to set you out and use you for My purpose, My plan and My glory sayeth the Lord.

Do you desire Me?

Do you pant after Me like the deer after water? Let Me be the waters you thirst after. Allow Me and My Spirit to saturate your innermost being. In Me is everything you need. In Me is your fullness of joy. So come, taste and see how good I truly am. Desire the best I have to offer you, the hidden manna. Let Me fill you with My spirit, My presence, with every good and perfect gift. I desire you to know Me. To know who I am. To have intimate communion with Me. Take the time. Spend that quality time I desire with Me. Desire Me the way I desire you, not out of obligation or ritual. Desire Me out of your love and pureness of heart sayeth the Lord God Jehovah.