Will you reveal it?

I ask you, what will you do? Will you reveal it? Will you reveal My love? Will you reveal My spirit? Will you reveal My grace and My mercy? For lo, too many have not. Far too many who have said they are mine have only revealed the flesh, religion, tradition and mixture. I say to you, reveal to all you are mine. Let the whole world know. Let all see you carry My name. Reveal your love for Me. For I have said, they shall know you are mine by your love. I say, reveal all I am through your intimate relationship with Me sayeth the Lord.

Has it been quenched?

Has it been quenched? Has My fire, My zeal and fervor been quenched by man? Has it been quenched by religion, the flesh, the world and traditions? Tell Me this, has your thirst for more of Me been satisfied? Does your soul long for more? Do you desire and hunger for more? I tell you, I will quench your thirst. I said you will drink from the living waters and never thirst again. I said, I will fill the hungry and satisfy the thirsty. I will set you ablaze for Me and none shall put it out. I will burn in you, I will burn through you. Stay in Me and My presence. Allow My spirit to fuel the fire that burns within you. Know I am with you. Know I am in you. Know I will never fail and I love you sayeth the mighty Lord God Jehovah.

Have you made it?

Have you made it? Have you made a joyful noise unto Me? I say, make a joyful noise, lift up your voice in praise. Rejoice, for this is the day I have made. Know this, I inhabit the praises of My people. So make a joyful noise, yes shout out in victory. For in My presence is fullness of joy. Know this, as you submit yourself to Me, resist the devil, he MUST flee. Let your heart be glad. I say, lay down all that the enemy would try to put on you. For I have said, put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heavyness. I say, love Me, joy in Me, the God of your salvation. I say again, make a joyful noise. Rise up in My spirit, My love and My presence and know My love for you is eternal sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Where have you set it?

Where have you set it? Where have you set your priority? Have you set Me as your priority? Have you set My will, My spirit and My word as priority in your life? For lo, there are so many who say they are mine, yet they have set their priorities elsewhere. Many have set it on status, wealth, religion and self. Others have set knowledge, wisdom and what seems right to a man priority. I said seek ye first My kingdom and My righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Put Me as your first and foremost priority. Put your relationship with Me above all else. For as you do, I will be lifted up. Yes, as you do, I will be glorified and magnified in you and through you. Set Me as your priority and watch as I use you for My glory, honor and praise sayeth the Lord.

Will you let them do it?

Will you? Will you let them do it? Will you let the rocks cry out? I tell you this, if My people will not, the rocks will cry out. I say, lift up your voice in praise. For I have given you this day. I say rejoice in Me always and again I say rejoice. Lift up your head, for I am God and there is none other. This is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad in it. Let My joy fill you to overflowing. Let your life be that living epistle, that sacrifice of praise and a voice of worship unto Me. For I will be glorified in all the earth sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Have you built it?

Tell Me this, what have you done? Have you built it? Have you built up your faith in Me? Have you built up your relationship with Me? For lo, many have built it, yet they have built up a tolerance for the world, the flesh, selfishness and sin. Too many have allowed their hearts to become calloused. I ask you, will you build up a sensitivity to My spirit, My word and My voice? I say, build up and strengthen your relationship with Me. I say come, spend that intimate time I so desire. Build yourself up in the faith and know I love you and I am for you sayeth the Lord.

Have I prepared it?

I ask you this, have I? Have I prepared it? I have! I have prepared it and have gone ahead of you, yet you must go and follow My lead. For I have said I will lead you and guide you into all truth. I will lead you beside the still waters. I said those who are willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land. I say, just continue in Me. Walk as My beloved bride, walk pure and holy without blemish. For I have prepared it. I have prepared the hearts of men. For I will cause My fire to come and consume them. The fire of revival will come and burn out all the old, all the dead and all the chaff. So I say, watch and pray. Keep your eye single and see all I do sayeth the Lord.

Have they been stirred?

Have they been stirred? Have the waters been stirred up? Will you come? Will you come and step into the waters of My love? Will you step into the waters of My spirit ? Will you step into the waters of My presence and My glory? I tell you, step in. Step into the water. Let it cover you and overflow all you are. For lo, in My presence is fullness of joy. In My presence is all you need. Take that step. Step into My waters of refreshing, of healing and freedom. For I will wash you whiter than snow. Come and be washed clean and be made whole, new and My beloved bride sayeth the Lord.

Did you hear it?

Did you hear it? Did you hear My call? I have called you by name. Do you see it? I have prepared a meal for you. Will you come and sup with Me and Me with you? I have so much to give to you. I have so much to feed you. Will you be hungry? Will you be thirsty? Know that I will feed you that hidden manna. I will fill you with that which is eternal. I will cause you to drink from the wells of living water. Come, feast upon all I have. Come, feast upon all I am. For lo, I prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies. I will satisfy your longing soul. I will fill you to overflowing sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

How much do you desire?

How much? How much do you desire? How much of My spirit, My presence and My fullness? How much do you desire the rain of My spirit? Would you go and look for the cloud only once? Would you go only twice? I tell you go, look! Go and look in hope. Go look in faith. Go, look until you see a cloud the size of a man’s hand. For many of My people have desired and looked for a new move of My spirit. Many have sought Me and looked for revival, yet they have only looked once, maybe twice. I say, look with expectancy. I tell you, whether you see it or not it is coming. Be faithful, be expectant. For before you know it, it will appear. It may be the size of a man’s fist but it shall grow. It shall overtake you and flood this earth once again sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

How long will you stay?

Tell Me, how long? How long will you stay? Will you stay in My presence? Will you stay in My glory? Will you stay in My spirit and stay walking in faith? For lo, many who have called to Me, many who have called upon Me have stayed in Egypt. How long will you choose to stay in the land of bondage, sin and death? I tell you, gird up your loins. I said , come follow Me. Humble your heart and know I love you. Stay walking in My love. I say to you, stay dead in Christ Jesus. For I am your life. Remember, I have said he who endures to the end shall be saved. Stay in Me and know I will stay in you. I will be your God, your king, your all in all sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Has it been perfected?

Have you heard it? Have you praised Me? Has it been perfected? You are My child, right? I said to come to Me as a little child. Well, praise is perfected in the mouths of infants and babes. I said, you are to praise Me in spirit and in truth. Yes, praise Me in the morning. Praise Me in the noon time. Praise Me all the day long. I say, worship Me and sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. I said you are to be ye perfect as I am perfect. I say, let them flow forth out of your spirit, out of your heart and your love for Me. Know that it is but a sweet sound in My ears. Yes, it is lovely and beautiful in My sight sayeth the Lord.