Will you bring it?

What will you do? Will you bring it? What will you bring? Will you grab hold of that which is unseen and bring it into this world? For lo, I said faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I say, speak that which is not as though it were. For I have made it clear and evident. Life and death are in the power of your tongue. Act upon your faith. Use that measure I have given you. For every man has been given the measure of faith. Grab hold of ALL I have for you. Grab it by faith and bring it into the natural realm so as I may be glorified. For I will prove My word. I will prove Myself true and strong. Stand firm, believe that you receive and see My mighty hand at work sayeth the Lord.

Where have you been planted?

Where is it? Where have you been planted? Have you been planted by the streams of living water? Have you been planted in Me? Have you become rooted and grounded in My word? For lo, I created you. I designed you to be a tree of righteousness, yet many have decided to be planted in the flesh, the world and sin. Know this, those who are not firmly planted in Me and My word will surely wither and die. For they will never stand. I tell you, plant your feet firmly upon the rock of your salvation. For as you do, the storms that come will rage, yet you will not fall. For you have put your trust in and you rely upon the chief cornerstone. Those who do not have built up and planted themselves upon the sand. They shall fall and the fall shall be great sayeth the Lord.

Will you be it?

Will you be that light in the darkness? Will you be that well of living water in the desert? Will you be that rose in the thorn bush or the lily in the field? Tell Me, Will you be it? Will you be Me on this earth? For I have called you to be Me. I have called you and appointed you to be a conduit of My love, My spirit, My power and My glory. Be that willing, obedient vessel of honor. For I will use you mightily for My glory. Be My beloved bride for all to see. Be ye holy as I am holy. Yes, be ye perfect as I am perfect and let all see Me in you and you in Me. For I will be lifted up. I will bring the increase and draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

What will it take?

What is it? What will it take? Will you believe when you see? Yet that is not faith. I said blessed are they who have believed yet not seen. You are to walk by faith, not by sight. For without faith it is impossible to please Me. I have given EVERY man the measure of faith. It is up to you where you will put it! I tell you, put your faith in Me. Believe that you receive. For I will remind you of this, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Believe in Me, confess with your lips. Be My beloved child and walk in the fullness of who I am. For I fail not. I watch over My word to perform it. It will not return void sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Will you receive it?

Have you asked of Me? Have you asked in faith? So, when will you receive it? For My word says to believe that you receive it in Jesus name. Are not My promises yes and amen? Then stop doubting. For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Will you finally believe that I am? Will you finally believe I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me? For I am looking to bless those whose hearts are towards Me. I am looking to prove myself true and strong. I say, grab it by faith. Receive it by faith. For without faith it is impossible to please Me. The moment you grab hold of it and receive it, you have put your faith to work. For faith without works is dead. So prove Me now. Let Me show forth My glory in you, to you and through you sayeth the Lord.

Will you let Me give it?

What will you do? Will you let Me give it? What is it? What will you let Me give? Will you let Me give you freedom? Will you let Me give you life? Will you let Me give you the kingdom? For lo, it is My desire as your father to give you every good and perfect gift, yet many of My children refuse to receive. I said, believe that ye receive. Too many have chosen to walk in doubt, fear and unbelief. As a natural father loves to give his children the best gifts, tell Me, how much more do I? For I love to give My children the best. I so loved the world I gave My beloved son. What would I hold back? I have given you My grace, My mercy, My love, My word and My Holy Spirit. Ask and receive of Me. For lo, I have given you all of Me out of My great and endless love for you sayeth the Lord.

Will you be it?

Have you made your decision? Have you made your choice? Will you be it? What will you be? Will you be My beloved? Will you be My pure bride? Will you be dressed and ready for the wedding supper without spot or wrinkle? Will you be ye holy as I am holy? For I tell you this, it is available to all. Will you be hungry? Will you be thirsty? For I said those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. I said to choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose to be all I created and designed you to be. For you were never created for sin. You were never created to be separated from Me. So come, call upon Me and be saved. For My desire is for you sayeth the mighty Lord of glory, the Lord God Almighty.

Will you taste it?

Is there anything sweeter? Is there anything more precious? Is there anything more desirable than My love? For My love came in the form of human flesh. He bled, died and rose from the grave. All that, to restore you unto myself. I gave of myself, My beloved son. I sent you the Holy Spirit, the comforter, to lead and to guide you. For I said, I will NEVER leave you. I tell you, My heart has always been for you. You were created for Me. I have so much to give you. Just allow Me to prove myself. Taste and see just how good I truly am. For I am looking to move and to bless those who trust in, rely upon and dwell in Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Are you hungry for more?

Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Are you hungry for more or are you just satisfied where you are at? For lo, many of My people have become complacent. They have been satisfied with the place they stand. Yet I tell you this, I have so much more. I have so much more to reveal to you, to share with you and to take you into. I said, those who hunger and thirst shall be filled. Ask of Me. Let Me fill you to overflowing. For I will give you more. I will take you from glory to glory. Know this, as you hunger for more of Me, My word, My spirit and My glory, I will fill you. I will expand you and fill you up to overflowing sayeth the Lord.

Is it too far?

Is there any place too far? Is it too high? Is it too low? Is there any place too far for Me to move? I tell you no. For nothing can separate you from My love. The heavens are My throne and the earth is My footstool. I am the creator of the heavens and the earth. With Me nothing is impossible. Remember this, the earth is mine and the fullness therein. I have not changed neither do I! I tell you, call to Me and I will answer. I have removed the curtain that separates. Do not be weary and seek My face. For if you seek Me, I will be found of you. For those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled sayeth the Lord God Almighty.