What’s that sound?

What’s that sound? Do you hear it? It is the sound of the next great move of My spirit. That sound which is soft and barely audible, is the sound of My army. It is the sound of the remnant. That is the sound of the dry bones rustling in the dirt. Let Me give you ears to hear. For the sound is getting louder and louder. That sound, that beautiful sound, it is the sound of My bride. It is the unified sound of her heart beating as one, in sync, one with another and in unison with My own. Will it be a beautiful sound to you? Will you be a part of that sound? Will that sound be an irritant to you and foreign to you? For lo, the sound will become louder and louder. For it is the sound of heaven. It is the sound of My heart. It is the sound of a holy people united, to bring Me glory, honor and praise sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Has it been pulled?

Has it been pulled? Look and see. Has the string been pulled? I tell you, I will unravel ALL the plans of the enemy. I have pulled the string. At first it may not be noticeable. Yet know this, it has been pulled. Soon, before everyones eyes, the full truth will be revealed. For the fabric of their lies will come undone and fall away. Their nakedness will be exposed. Do not be haughty or proud lest you end up in bed with them. Yes, unless your nakedness be exposed and shown. Be humble, set apart, My holy generation. For I will lift up the righteous men and women who will fully do My will and obey Me completely. For lo, I am coming soon. Wash yourselves. Put on your clean garments. For the wedding supper has been prepared before the presence of your enemies sayeth the Lord. (God spoke this about our nation and its leaders on 10-26-2021)

Is it getting louder?

Do you hear it? Can you tell? Is it getting louder? I tell you, it is. For I am blowing upon My people. The winds of My spirit are blowing. First it appeared as a gentle wind, yet now it is getting stronger and stronger. The winds of My spirit are getting louder and louder. Do not forget, on the day of pentecost it was like a mighty rushing wind. For lo, I will blow with the blast of My nostrils. The winds of My spirit will blow through this nation, this land and this state. No one will be deaf to it. It will be unmistakable. For it will be mighty, life changing and of epic proportions. I will blow upon the earth and all will know, all will see I am the Lord God Almighty. For the fires of revival will burn hot and transform many sayeth the Lord.

Will it come?

Are you ready for it? Will it come? Are you ready for the next great move of My spirit? I tell you, it will come. Have you prayed for it? Have you desired it and spoken of it? Rejoice, be glad! For the prayers of a righteous man availeth much. You are standing on the very edge of the next great move of My spirit. The dry, the thirsty, the hungry and the desperate are all crying out. There is a cloud forming. It is the size of a man’s hand. Yet I tell you, watch and see, for suddenly a deluge will come. A mighty outpouring of My spirit such as this world has never seen before sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Have you heard it?

Have you heard it? Have you heard the beating of My heart? Have you seen it? Have you experienced it? Have you seen and felt My lightnings and thundering? Have you seen the earth move and the mountains shake? Know this, many have heard with their ears yet never seen with their eyes. Do not just hear with your ears but see with your eyes. Believe and stand in faith. You carry My Holy Spirit. You carry My power and My might. You carry My authority and My name. It’s time for My people to walk in the fullness of who I am. For behold, it is time to walk in all I created you to be. For you are My child, full of Me, My spirit and My glory sayeth the Lord.

What will it do?

What will it do? What will My fire do? I said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire for a reason. My fire will refine you. My fire will bring up to the top all that contaminates. My fire purifies. My fire will burn away all manner of wood, hay and stubble. My fire will bring forth beauty for ashes. For My fire will try EVERY man’s works. Those who are not mine and walk contrary to Me it will consume and destroy. I am the Lord who answers by fire. I say burn with My fire. Burn HOT and it will expose the religious leaders, it will express My love and show Me forth. Love Me fully. Let My fire burn in you. As you do it will shine brightly in a dark world and glorify Me, My name, My word and My spirit sayeth the Lord.

What is that?

What is that? What is that sound? What is that sound I long for? I tell you, I long for the sound of unity. For too long the beating of My people’s hearts have been off. It is the sound of selfishness, religion, the flesh and all that seems right to a man. I said in My word, they shall know you are mine by your love for one another. I desire you to be one as we are one. Let your heart beat in unison with mine. Let your spirit be in unison with mine. As you do, each and EVERY one who does will be in unison together. For I desire a holy people united. I desire a body fully knit together. Walk in My spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Walk in the spirit and you will walk in unity with Me. For lo, I said how can two walk together lest they agree. Humble yourself, agree with Me and show this world we are one. Show forth My body, My pure bride and glorify My name sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Hear them roar!

Can you hear them? Hear them roar! Hear the sound of My people roar. For I tell you, My people are beginning to awaken. Those who have slept, those who have slumbered have awoken. Those whose have allowed their hair to be cut off just like My servant Sampson, their hair is grown back out. I tell you, I have raised up an army, those who are righteous and holy, who love not their lives unto death. The time is at hand. I am bringing forth a people out of a people. I have spoken, the time is now. Hear them roar and watch as walls fall flat before them. Hear them roar and see the enemy devastated. For I will bring in a great harvest of souls. I will bring in a great harvest of peoples, then I come. Behold, hear them roar, for the time is at hand sayeth the Lord. Will you be a part of it or not? Choose, for I have called. Many are called but few have chosen. Choose to be that mighty man I created you to be sayeth the Lord God Jehovah.

Have you seen it?

Have you seen it, the oncoming army? For they are gathering now. For lo, they are My army. Those whose hearts are mine. Those who bow to none other. For lo, I have prepared My people. I have prepared My army. For lo, they are arrayed in My armor. They have the sword of the spirit, yet out of their mouths are tongues of fire. For they are prepared, they are ready to go forth. For they shall go and cover the land. Yes, they shall go and gather in the lost. Yes, they shall set ablaze the dead and dry. They shall cut asunder the vile and defiling. For My word is in them, My spirit is in them, My fullness is who they are. For as I am, so are you. So I say stand up, become that which I have called and designed you to be, a mighty weapon in My hand. For I am a God of war, the Lord is My name and I will bring forth and bring in all who are mine sayeth the Lord. (Spoken 10-27-17)

What’s that sound?

What is it? What’s that sound? It is the sound of thunder. It is the sound of a mighty rushing wind. It is the sound of a mighty army. I tell you, My army is preparing itself for a mighty work. I said the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. Tell Me this, will you bring in the harvest? Will you be a part of that sound? I said you are to choose whom you will serve. I say, choose to be a weapon in My hand. Choose to be that sound of heaven. Be that sound that puts the enemy to an open shame. Be the sound that drives the enemy insane. For lo, this earth will be filled with the sound of My love, My spirit, My voice and My power. For My bride will be that sound and NO ONE will be able to quench it sayeth the Lord.