Have you sought ME?

What have you done? What have you sought after? Have you sought to know about Me? Have you sought Me just for a touch, wisdom, healing and salvation? Have you sought after Me or after what I can give you? I said you are to seek Me early while I may be found. Will you seek Me to know Me? For lo, many have sought after things and that which I can give, yet I said seek Me first and My righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Seek Me and you will find Me. Seek Me to know Me just as I know you. For too many have sought after that which will not remain. They have sought after that which will come to naught. Seek after Me, find Me and I will come in unto you. For My love and desire is for you sayeth the Lord.

How far will you go?

How far? How far will you go? Will you stand afar and look at a distance? Will you step into the water at all? For some have only put their toes into the waters. Some have gotten to their ankles. I tell you, I desire more. Yes, go in past the knee. Go in deeper up past the thigh. Will you go even further? For I would that you go till the waters of My spirit, My love, My presence and My power cover you from head to toe. You must decide. For it is up to you. Ask of Me and I will lead you. I will bring you into all I have and all I am. Will you go and be full of oil? Will you go and be that wise virgin? I say go prepare yourself, be made ready. For lo, I come quickly. Go and sin NO more. For I have made you My own, My beloved bride sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Where is your trust?

Where is your trust? Is it in Me? Is it in My word? Is it in My power and ability to do all I said I would? For lo, many have placed their trust in the world. Too many of My people have put their trust in their own ability and strength. Am I not capable? Am I not able? Am I not God Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth? I am the same yesterday, today AND forever. I do not fail, neither can I. You are to trust in and rely upon Me. Do not look to the flesh. Do not look to the world. Do not look to religion, tradition or that which seems right to a man. For behold, in the flesh is no good thing. Look to Me, trust in Me, the author and the finisher of your faith. For with Me NOTHING is impossible sayeth the Lord.

What do you see?

What do you see? Do you see the truth? Do you see with the eyes of faith? Do you see the vision before you? For lo, many have not. Many cannot. For they have allowed the world to blind their eyes. Do not allow the scales of the world, selfishness, pride and sin to blind you. For it will. It will blind you to the things I desire to show you. Come and let Me touch your eyes. Let Me open the eyes of your heart. I will cause you to see the unseen. I will cause you to see as I see. Do not see through the lens of self, flesh, religion, the world and sin. If you do, you will fall into a pit. I said, I will give sight to the blind. Let Me heal your eyes so as you may fulfill and complete all I have called and created you to be and do sayeth the Lord.

What do I desire?

What do I desire? Do you know? Do you have an idea or even realize what it is? I desire you! I desire your love and intimacy with Me. I desire that personal relationship with Me. It is man that has put in place laws, rules and regulations. I sent My beloved son Jesus Christ to restore you unto Me, yet many choose to live according to the law, religion, tradition and all that SEEMS right to a man. In the end therein it leads to destruction. You are saved by faith, not by the law, religion or tradition. I have had that wall, that curtain that separates removed. I say come BOLDLY before My throne. Open the door of your heart and I will come in and sup with you and you with Me. For I desired you and loved you from the foundation of the world sayeth the Lord.

Have you been anchored?

Have you been anchored? Have you been anchored in My word? Have you been anchored in Me? For lo, I tell you this, the winds of My spirit are beginning to blow. Know this, it will be a mighty blast, a violent rushing wind. Those who are not anchored will be blown away. Those who are not anchored will be destroyed for lack of knowledge. I tell you, be anchored in Me. Be anchored in My word. Be anchored by faith. You are to have My word hidden in your heart. You are to walk in the spirit. I say to you, you are to be like a tree planted by the waters, firmly rooted and grounded in Me sayeth the Lord.

Let them smell it!

Let them smell it! Let them smell the fragrance of your worship. Let them smell the sweetness of My love. For lo, the perfume of My love, My mercy, My grace and My goodness will fill the air. I am that lily of the valley. I am that rose of Sharron. As you crucify self and flesh, the perfume of your love for Me rises up and fills the atmosphere. For behold, it is no longer you who lives but Christ who lives in you. I tell you this, all will smell it. It will draw many. It will confound the wise and it will repel the enemy. For lo, it is the smell of heaven. It is the smell of that living sacrifice, a sweet odor, lovely and pure and wonderful in My sight sayeth the Lord.

Will you testify?

Will you testify? Will you testify of My love? Will you testify of My mercy? Will you testify of My grace, My spirit and My power? Will you testify of My resurrection? For lo, as you humble yourself, take up your cross and follow Me, you testify of Me. As you mortify your flesh and walk not after the lusts thereof, you testify of Me. You become that living epistle. You testify I am alive. You testify of My fullness, My mercy, My grace and My great love. Be that living sacrifice. Be that testimony of Me and all I am. For I will be lifted up and I will draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

Watch it float!

I tell you, watch it. Watch it float. For I will do that which seems impossible. I will do that which only I can. Come and ask of Me. See what I do. For just as I caused the ravens to bring bread and flesh to My servant, I will supply all your needs by My riches and glory in Christ Jesus. Keep your eye single. Trust in and rely upon Me. The earth is mine and the fullness therein. Plant that seed of faith and watch as I bring the increase. I say, watch it float. Watch the axe head float. For I will bring in the blessing. I will cause it to overtake you and you shall be the lender and not the borrower. You shall be a blessing to many nations all for My glory sayeth the Lord.

Have you invested?

Have you invested? Have you? What is it? What have you invested in? Have you invested in your relationship with Me? Have you invested your time to know Me? Have you invested in the gospel, in the good news? Have you invested in self, flesh and the world? What is it? What have you invested in? Are you storing up treasures in heaven? Are you storing up gold, silver and precious jewels or wood, hay and stubble? I have given you the talents. What and how will you invest it? Some will invest it in Me, My word and all I am. They will bring in an increase. There are those who will bury it and do nothing with it. They are selfish, wicked and evil. They will be bound hand and foot and cast into outer darkness. Choose you this day. Choose what you will invest in. Will it be Me, My spirit and that which is eternal or the world, self and sin and that which is temporal? Invest in Me just as I have invested in you through My beloved son and His blood shed upon that cross sayeth the Lord.