Will you ask?

Will you ask? What is it, what will you ask? Will you ask for more? More of what? I said, ask and it shall be given you. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened. I tell you, ask for greater. Ask to know Me more. Ask for more of My glory. Ask to be used in a greater way. Ask for hunger, ask for thirst. For lo, I am willing, able and desire to give it to you. I say, ask with the expectation I will give. Believe ye receive it. Ask by faith. For without faith it is impossible to please Me. You are My beloved child, created in My image. I long to and love to bless you. Fear not, do not be dismayed. Come boldly before My throne and know I will do all I said I would sayeth the Lord.

Has it blossomed?

Has it blossomed? Has it grown? Has that eternal seed that was planted within you grown big inside of you? For lo, there are those who have never allowed it to grow. There are those who have caused it to become stunted and sickly. I tell you, it is the world, the flesh, self and sin that keeps it from growing and blossoming. For to be a friend with the world is to be My enemy. It is through your intimate love for Me, your desire and relationship with Me, that causes it to blossom. For it shall be apparent in you. It shall be apparent through you. It will blossom and all will see. All will know and be amazed. It will put off such a beautiful fragrance none can deny. For it is beautiful, comely and smells of the sweetness of My love, My spirit and My glory sayeth the Lord.

Are you aware?

Are you aware? Are you aware of the coming storm? Are you aware of the onset of rain? Are you aware of the manifest glory I will bring down upon this earth? I tell you, so many of My people are not. Too many have become too aware of the enemy. Too many have become aware of the world, self and the flesh. I say to you, lift up your head. Set your eyes and affections upon Me. For lo, I have set things in motion. The next wave, the new move of My spirit, for it shall come in like a flood. It will rush in like a mighty storm. Do not be caught off guard. Do not be caught unawares. I said, you are to watch and pray. Occupy till I come. For lo, I come quickly and will flood this land once again with My presence, My spirit, My power and My love sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Have you set it?

Have you set it? Have you set your petition before Me? Have you done it by faith? I said, be anxious for nothing, but with thanksgiving let your requests be made known. Am I not able? Am I not capable? I tell you, I am more than able. I am more than capable. I am the creator of heaven and earth. I say, speak that which is not as though it were. Speak that which is not into being. Use the measure of faith I have given you. Remember, I said ask and it shall be given to you. Believe that you receive and know I love you so sayeth the Lord.

Will you take it?

What will you do? Will you take it? Will you take it and run with it? What is it you will take? What is it you will run with? Will you run the race set before you? Will you run with My love? Will you run with My fire? Will you run with My word? Will you have the vision before you and run with it? For lo, so many people who say they are mine, take hold of that which the world offers and run with it. Too many decide and choose to run with doubt, fear and unbelief. Many run with traditions and doctrines of devils claiming it to be mine. Take My word, take My fullness, take My power and My glory. Take it and run with it. Take it to the nations. Take it to the lost. Take it to those who have never heard, seen or known before and watch as I bring in the increase sayeth the Lord.

Are your eyes heavy?

Are your eyes heavy? Are your hands weary? Have your legs become feeble and weak? Call out to Me. I will strengthen you. For behold, the time of refreshing is at hand. I said, I am your strength. When you are weak, I am strong. Remember what I have said in My word. I said, if the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, He will quicken your mortal body. There is nothing too hard for Me. Let Me have your hands. Let Me have your feet. Do not be weary in well doing. Call upon Me and watch as I pour out upon you that which revitalizes, that which rejuvenates and that which restores you. For lo, I will pour out My spirit and fill up to overflowing. I will set you ablaze and cause you to burn for Me, by Me and as Me sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

What is your cry?

What is it? What is your cry? Is your cry out of selfishness? Is your cry out of pride and arrogance? Tell Me, what is it? For lo, I see and know the thoughts and intents of the heart. I hear the cry of the desperate. I hear the cry of the hungry. I hear the cry of those who have a humble and contrite heart. There are many who cry out to Me, yet they cry out for what they can get and receive of Me. I would that you cry out for Me. Cry out to know Me in a greater way. Cry out for a deeper intimate relationship with Me. I want to hear the cry of your heart, not your head and emotions. Cry out to Me with a pure heart and know that I will answer you sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Has it spilled?

Has it spilled? Has it spilled over into all you are, all you say and all you do? Has your relationship with Me spilled over? For lo, there are many who have not. Too many try to keep their relationship with Me bottled up. I say, they are not full. I want you to brimming till you overflow. Let it spill out. For it will get on all who are around you. I will fill you up. I will cause you to overflow with My love, My joy, My peace and My spirit. As it spills out, all those around you will see it. All those around you will know and understand it is Me. Let it spill out and be prevalent in all you are, all you say and all you do. For I am with you. I will bring the increase. I will be glorified in you and through you sayeth the Lord.

How will you pray?

How is it? How will you pray? Will you pray in the spirit and with understanding? Will you pray according to My word? Will you pray the prayer of faith? Let Me ask you this, will you pray empty prayers? Will you pray out of pride, fear and selfishness? Will you pray out of unbelief? Did I not say in My word, be anxious for nothing, but with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to Me. I made it clear, you are to believe that I am and I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek me. I said to believe that you receive. Put your faith I have given you into action. For faith without works is dead. Remember, I said ask and it shall be given to you. I say, ask, pray and thank Me for it being done. Know that I hear you and My ears are attentive to you sayeth the Lord.

Have you stretched it?

Have you stretched it? Have you stretched your faith? How can you expect it to grow unless you stretch it? I tell you, there are many who have refused to even use the faith I have given them. I say to you, stretch it! Watch as it grows. As you stretch your faith it allows more room for the extraordinary to happen. It makes room and gives Me the opportunity to do the miraculous in you, to you and through you sayeth the Lord.