Who is it?

Who is it? Who is your God? Who is your king? Who is it that you have placed upon the throne of your heart? Is it Me? For lo, there are many who say they are mine, yet they have placed religion, tradition and the doctrines of men above Me. Many have placed self and flesh above me, yet there are many who have placed the world and all the things therein upon the throne of their hearts. Did I not say and make clear, you are to have no other God before Me. I am a jealous God. I am jealous for you. I tell you, there is none besides Me. Humble yourself, love not your life unto death. I say, choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose you this day who will be your God and King. Choose Me, the creator of heaven and earth. For lo, I have chosen you to be My beloved sayeth the Lord.

Have you put forth your hand?

Have you put forth your hand? Have you taken hold of My promises? Have you taken it by faith? How can you grab hold lest you put forth your hand? I say, use the measure of faith I have given you. Put forth your hand and grab hold of the unseen. For behold, faith is the substance of things hoped for. It is the evidence of things not seen. Believe that you receive. For lo, I am faithful. I watch over My word to perform it. It will not return void but will accomplish all I sent it out to do. Remember what I said in My word. I said, faith without works is dead. So work your faith, please Me. For lo, without faith it is impossible to please Me sayeth the Lord.

Let Me reveal it!

Let Me do it. Let Me reveal it. Let Me reveal My perfect plan for you. For I will unravel it and reveal it all to you. Just believe Me, trust in and rely upon Me. Remember what I said in My word. I said you prophecy in part and you know in part. Just abide in Me and I will lead your steps. For the steps of a righteous man are ordered of Me. As I reveal the perfect plan I have for you I will cause you to walk in and fulfill all I have said, promised and spoken to you. Know I will give you clarity. Know I will cause you to fulfill My perfect purpose and plan for you. For remember, I am faithful to complete that good work which I began in you sayeth the Lord.

Is it too small?

Is it too small? Is it too small a thing for Me? Do you not know I watch over you? I know what you need before you even ask, yet I said to ask ANYTHING in Jesus name. For it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. I love you. I desire you. If I did not withhold My beloved son why would I withhold anything from you. I said you are to be anxious for nothing but with everything let your requests be made known to Me in prayer. Do not think it too small a thing. For I am more than willing and capable, just ask. Just as a natural father loves to give his children good gifts, how much more do I. For you are My beloved, the apple of My eye. Just ask in faith and know without faith it is impossible to please Me sayeth the Lord.

Will you sing?

Will you sing praises unto Me? Will you sing a new song? Will you sing with the voice of triumph? Will you sing? For lo, I have heard the song sung by My beloved. It is a beautiful tune. Yet I tell you, many sing that which is not of Me, not by Me, nor for Me. Far too many honor Me with their lips yet deny Me with their heart. They sing the song of doubt, unbelief and self. Know this, your life is a song to Me. It radiates and emanates the sound of heaven. Your life resounds with My love, My word and My spirit. So go forth, sing. Be that beautiful sound so all can hear. I am alive. I am God. I am love and I am yours and you are mine sayeth the Lord.

Are you hungry?

Are you hungry? Are you hungry for more? Did you even come to Me and ask? For lo, I said they that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. Take a good look. Look and see. What is it you are hungry for? Is it for the flesh, self and this world or is it for Me? I said, ask and it shall be given to you. I said, seek and ye shall find. For I will feed you that hidden manna. I will fill you with the bread from heaven and the new wine, yet you must be hungry. Hunger for more of Me. Thirst for My presence and My glory. As you do, I will move mightily upon you and fill you up to overflowing with all I am sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Do you hear it?

Do you hear it? Do you hear the cry of My heart? Do you feel it? Do you feel the desire I have? For lo, I cry out. I cry out for the lost. I cry out for repentance. I cry out for restoration. How can they see lest you show them? How can they know lest they have heard? I cry out to the lost. I cry out to those who are far from Me. I cry out to those whose fire has gone out and whose oil has run dry. Humble your heart. Humble yourself before Me. Hear My cry, be restored. Be refreshed and show them who I am. Be Me on this earth. Be that beautiful, wonderful pure bride without spot or wrinkle sayeth the Lord.

Whose is it?

Whose is it? Whose is it anyway? Whose strength do you rely upon? Do you rely upon mine? Do you rely upon your own? Whose understanding do you rest in? Whose is it you lean on? For I said, lean not on your own understanding. Will you try to find peace in the world? Will you try to find it in religion, tradition and man? I said I am your peace. I tell you, I am your source and supply. I am your strength. I am your joy, your peace and your hope. It is My hand that holds you up. It is I who lifts you up out of the dust and the dung. Come and receive of Me. For I so loved you I gave. I chose to give you My name, My spirit, My word and all I am. Come and be My beloved. For that was My full design and desire sayeth the Lord.

Will you hold?

Will you hold? What will you hold onto? Will you hold onto the teachings and doctrines of man? Will you hold onto religion, tradition and denominations? Will you hold onto that which ties you down and holds you captive? For lo, that is what many of My people do. I tell you, hold on. Hold onto My word. Hold onto Me. Hold onto the truth, My word and My spirit. For as you do, I will bring you into a new realm, a new place and a new area of My glory. For I said you are to go from glory to glory. Hold on, stand firm and watch all I do sayeth the Lord.

Can you count it?

Can you count it? Can you count the blessings I have given you? Can you count it on your fingers? Can you count it on your toes? Can you count the stars in heaven? Can you count the grains of sand in the sea? I said, I have given you every spiritual gift. You are My child. It is My good pleasure to bless you. Remember, I said it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. I have withheld nothing from you. For if I did not withhold My only child, My beloved son, why would I withhold anything else? I said if you ask ANYTHING in Jesus name, I will do it. For I love you just as I love Christ Jesus. You are the apple of My eye. Do not listen to the flesh or the enemy . Do not believe his lies. You are My child and I dearly love you so sayeth the Lord.