Have you come to the garden?

Have you come to the garden or run to the field? Have you come to spend time with Me in the cool of the morning? For many have decided to run to the field. They have decided to toil and work the ground by the sweat of their brow. Yet I tell you, all they will bring forth is brambles and thistles. I say come, come to Me. Spend time with Me and be refreshed. Come walk with Me and know the plans I have for you. Let Me share the purposes and plans I have with you. I say, let Me walk with you. Let Me dwell amongst you. Allow Me to reveal Myself to you as only I can. For in the garden there is peace, in the garden there is intimacy. There in the secret place is where you will know Me as I know you sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Is your heart in sync?

Can you hear it, the beating of My heart? Can you feel it? Is our heart in sync? Does our heart beat as one? I tell you, that is what I desire. For you to be so in love, so in sync, our hearts become as one. Many people who say they are mine, their hearts are off, out of sync. Their hearts run after things, after other people or status. If only they would focus on Me. For when they focus all they have and all they are on Me, they will receive what they are looking for. So I would say to you, seek Me out, ALL of Me. Love Me for who I am till our hearts become one. For I tell you, watch all that happens, the moment you do, suddenly you will realize you no longer resemble yourself anymore, you look just like Me sayeth the Lord God Jehovah.

Will you lift it?

What will you do? Will you lift it? Will you lift it up? What is it? What will you lift up? Will you lift up My name? Will you lift up Me? For lo, many have chosen to lift up that which is not of Me, My word nor My spirit. Too many of My people lift up the flesh, the world and all that seems right to a man. Remember what I have said. I said if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. Lift Me up in your life. Lift Me up by crucifying the flesh, taking up your cross and following Me. Lift Me up, magnify Me, magnify My name and see all these things that dare come against you fall before you. For I am for you. If I am with you who can be against you sayeth the Lord?

What have I done?

Is it finished? Is it accomplished? Have I not overcame death, hell and the grave? For I tell you, I have defeated the enemy. I have destroyed the works of the enemy. I have taken you out of darkness and put you into My glorious light. I have taken that which was lost and restored all things. I did that which the flesh and the law could not. Do not walk any longer according to the flesh. For behold, you have been crucified with Christ. I have made you a new creature in Christ Jesus. Old things have passed away, all things have become made new. I have made you righteous, holy, blameless and without reproach. For it is no longer you who lives, but Christ who lives in you. So I say, rise up. See with the eyes of faith. I make all things new. You are My child, the apple of My eye. Come boldly before My throne of grace to obtain mercy and grace in the time of need. For I am for you and I am with you sayeth the Lord.

How will you see it?

Tell Me, how? How will you see it? Will you see the unseen? Will you see through the eyes of faith? Will you see it as the world and the flesh see it or will you see it by My spirit? I said, I came to make the blind eyes see. I came to bring clarity and direction, to restore you unto Me. Will you see it through My word? Will you see it through My spirit? Ask of Me, for I said if you ask ANYTHING in Jesus name I will do it. See it for what it really is. For I will cause you to see sin, the flesh and the enemy for who they truly are, nothing but a defeated cut off branch that is under your feet. Come and see who you were created to be, My beloved, My child, seated at My right hand with Christ Jesus sayeth the Lord.

I can’t do that!

Is there anything I can’t do? Yes, yes there is. Know this, I can not fail. I can not, not love. I can not lie nor will I. I can not be tempted. I can not falter or change. For I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I can not go against My word. For lo, I watch over My word to perform it. It will not return void but will accomplish all I have sent it out to do. I said nothing is impossible to them that believe. So believe and stand in faith. Know that My word is true and I love you. I can’t be a part of sin, flesh or the world. So be ye separate. Be that peculiar people, set aside for Me and by Me. For either you are for Me or you are against Me sayeth the Lord.

Have you gone there?

Have you gone there? Have you gone to the heights? Well know this, there is more. I said you are to go from glory to glory. Yes, you are to go from victory to victory. Many of My people hit a peak and just stop. Many just stand still. They do not look ahead. They do not see I have so much more for them. Some actually end up backsliding. Know this, I am able to keep you in ALL your ways. I have given you hinds feet. I say, keep your eye on Me. Yes, keep your eye single. For I will lead you further. I will take you higher. I will take you into the heights of My presence, My glory and My spirit such as you have never seen before sayeth the Lord.

Will you do it?

Will you do it? Will you lean upon Me? Will you trust in and rely upon Me? Will you let Me strengthen you? For lo, I will strengthen you. I will empower you. For I am your strength. When you are weak I am strong. Do not fear what man can do unto you. For I am God Almighty. I will shut the mouths of the lions. I will cause the wheels to fall off pharaoh’s chariots. I am your strength and your shield. With Me nothing is impossible. Do not lean on your own understanding. Do not rely on the strength of the flesh. For in the flesh is no good thing. Remember, I fail not. With Me all things are possible. Believe that you receive and remember, I will refresh and restore you sayeth the Mighty Lord God Jehovah.

Has it been lit?

Has it been lit? Has the fire of revival been lit? Has it been lit within you? For lo, many call out to Me. Many cry for revival, yet they desire it to come from another. They want the benefits without the work, without the relationship. I made it clear in My word. They that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. Come to Me, seek My face. Ask of Me and let Me light the fire of revival within you. For behold, My word made it clear. I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire sayeth the Lord.

Has it been placed?

Look and see. Can you tell? Has it been placed? Has all been placed in order? I tell you, yes! Yes it has. Know this, the sparks of revival have begun. They have touched the edges and began to smolder. Watch as I blow upon the embers. For behold, all that is dead will be consumed. It will come forth in a mighty rush. The flames will rise up and all will see, it will be a sweet smelling perfume to Me. For lo, it is the smell of a living sacrifice. It is the smell of death to self, the flesh, the world and sin. Humble yourself before Me, be washed, be made new. Yes, be that firebrand in My hand and put the enemy to an open shame sayeth the Lord.