What have you put in?

What is it? What have you put in? What have you put in your earthen vessel? Have you filled it with the sewer and sludge of the world, the flesh and sin? Have you been filled with pure water? I say come, allow Me to fill your earthen vessel. For lo, I will take that which seems natural and make it supernatural. I will turn the water into wine. Know this, as you become full of Me, when you draw out and offer it to others, it will go forth as the new wine of My spirit. For I have said, taste and see that I am good. It shall be mighty and glorious in My sight. Just be that willing vessel of honor. For as you are, many will taste and experience the power, presence, love and joy of My spirit and My fullness in you and through you sayeth the Lord.

I will do it!!

What do you think? Am I not capable? Am I not the same yesterday, today and forever? I say, call upon Me! Look and see, for I will cause the sun to stand still for you. I will cause the enemy to scatter before you. Yes, they will fall before you. I will remind you, the battle is not yours. For I have gone before you. I have said you are more than a conqueror. Yes, you are victorious in and by Me. Know as you rest in Me, all will know and understand that I am yours and you are mine. I will be high and lifted up through our trust and obedience to Me. I will be glorified in you and through you sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Have you drawn it?

Have you drawn it? Where have you drawn it from? Have you drawn from your own wisdom? Have you drawn from your own understanding and strength? Have you drawn it from the wells of living waters? For lo, there are so many who claim to be mine, yet they draw their strength from the flesh. I tell you this, those who do are never satisfied, never content and never overcome. I said, I will give you living water that will never go dry. Draw upon Me, draw from My spirit, My word and My fullness. For I tell you, as you do, you will NEVER thirst again. I say to you, let Me fill up your cup. Draw from Me. Draw up life and life more abundantly sayeth the Lord.

Is it come?

Have you seen it? Can you smell it? Have you felt it? For lo, the changes are in the air. Yes, some you can see, some you can smell and some you can feel. Yet I tell you there is much you cannot. Yet know this, it does not mean it is not coming. It does not mean it is not on its way or near. For behold, the wedding supper is made ready. I will cause My people to rise up. I shall pour out My spirit like never seen before. Do not be weary in well doing. For just as the colors of the leaf begins to change so shall this last move of My spirit be. For you shall see a spot here and there. Yet suddenly, before you even realize it, it has exploded. It will envelop every area, every region, from rich to poor, from north to south and from east to west. I say, just watch and pray. Seek Me early and know I will be found of you sayeth the great God Jehovah, the Lord of heaven and earth.

Have you prepared it?

What have you done? Have you prepared it? Have you prepared the room? Have you laid the wood in order? Know this, I will come. I will come and visit you. I will come and fill the house. I will answer by fire, yet you must prepare it. For many have not. Too many have the room, yet it is full, full of junk, idols, dirt and grime. Many say they want the fire, yet they have not prepared it. For they honor Me with their lips yet their hearts are far from Me. I say prepare it. Prepare the room, prepare the altar of your heart. Yes, prepare the temple of the Lord. For I will abide in the room. Yes, I will consume the sacrifice of praise. I will consume all that is laid upon the wood. I will fill the house with My glory. I will come and be yours and you shall be mine. For I have said it and it shall be sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Have you sounded it?

Have you sounded it? Have you sounded the horn of deliverance? Have you sounded the horn of salvation? Have you sounded the horn of My love, My spirit and My word? I tell you, sound it! Yes, sound it out for all to hear. For you are to sound out My fullness. For you are My instrument. You are to sound it out so as all may come in. Yes, sound it out so all may be ready and prepared. For you are to sound out the warning, the victory cry, the sounds of joy, of My presence, glory and fullness. For as you sound it, those who hear, their blood shall be upon their own heads. Yet those who refuse, the blood of those who did not hear will be required of them. Just be willing. Just be obedient. Allow My spirit to blow through you and you will sound the sound of My voice. For behold, I come. Yes, I come quickly. So sound the call. Sound My love and desire, so all may come. For I call to all. Know this, many are called but few have chosen. So call out whilst there is still daylight. Call out whilst time is still available sayeth the Lord of hosts.

What will you become?

What is it? What will you become? Have you decided? Will you become a product of your surroundings? Will you become that which you desire? Will you become that which others think or want you to be? Will you become Me on this earth? For lo, I have said choose you this day whom you will serve. For he whom you choose to serve you become like. I say, come unto Me, be My disciple, take up your cross and follow Me. For I said you shall become a new man. Yes, you shall be that new creature. For old things have passed away, behold all things have become new. I say, crucify your flesh. Become all I created you to be. Become My bride, become whiter than snow, become holy as I am holy and fulfill all I created you to be. For My desire is for you. I am for you, not against you and I love you sayeth the Lord.

How sharp is it?

How sharp is it? I tell you, My word is sharper than a two edged sword, dividing asunder soul and spirit. I tell you, allow My word to penetrate you. For it shall cut off the foreskin of your heart. It shall cut away all that is dead and dying. I tell you, I will prune you, yet you must allow Me to. Know this, as you allow Me to do all I desire, you shall live and not die. For I will cause you to produce much fruit. As you allow it, the sword of My spirit will cut away and remove all that is not of Me. It will destroy the flesh. Yet know this, it will cause the spirit to stir up and yet live. So just allow Me in. Allow Me to pierce your heart and insert all I am. For I said, I will take out a stony heart and put in a heart of flesh sayeth the Lord.

Will you rest?

Will you come? Will you come and rest? Will you rest in Me? Will you rest under the shadow of My hand? For lo, too many have gone forth and strive. Yes, they strive for this and that. Too many go to and fro, they have become like the waves of the sea. I tell you, cast all your cares upon Me. I said I am your rest. I said, I will lead you beside the still waters. I said, I will cause you to lie down in green pastures. I say, rest! For I will cover you as a hen covers her chicks. I am your refuge, your rock and your protection. I have the pillow prepared for you at the back of the boat. Come, rest with Me. Rest in Me and know I am God sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Are they girded?

Are you ready? How are your feet? Are they girded? Have you the lamb inside of you? Have you the blood over you? For lo, when I say go, will you be ready to go? I tell you this, many are not. Yes, some have lamb in them. Some have the blood over them, yet they have not girded their feet and prepared to go. I said occupy till I come. I say be ready, be watchful. For I come quickly. Many have fallen asleep. Many have become wanton, sluggish and selfish. I say, trim your lamps. Yes, be full of the oil and wine. Remember this, there were ten virgins, five foolish and five wise. I say, examine your hearts. Who will you be? Will you be a wise virgin ready for My call? For lo, I come when no man knows. So be watchful, have your feet girded and know I come. I come for My beloved bride sayeth the Lord.

Prepare thyself!

Prepare thyself! Prepare thyself! I say, prepare thyself for that which is about to come. For lo, I have seen My people. I have seen those who say they are mine yet are not. For many have lifted themselves up. They have become a God unto themselves. They have relied upon self, flesh, pride and all that seems right to a man. Many function and dwell in religion and tradition. They say, “we are in need of nothing”, yet they are poor, wretched, naked and blind. I tell you, come. Come and be all I designed and created you to be. Come, prepare thyself, be washed, be made whole, be transformed and be My bride. For My bride shall be without spot or wrinkle. For behold, I come quickly. I come for My bride who has made herself ready. Yes, who is holy, blameless and without reproach sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

What time is it?

What time is it? I say it is time! Yes, it is time for Me to be revealed to the world. It is time for My heart to be shown forth. I tell you, it is time! It is time for My bride to rise up. It is time for falsity and hypocrisy to fall away and be shown as what it truly is. I tell you, today is the day. It is time to be made new. It is time to walk in the fullness of all I have and all I am. It is time to stop playing church, stop playing religious games and to stop playing with sin. I say, now is the time. It is time to be filled to overflowing with My spirit, My presence and My word. I tell you, it is time. Now is the time to be My pure bride, without spot or wrinkle, holy and blameless before Me. For I tell you the time is short, for soon it will be no more. Be a wise virgin, full of the oil of My spirit, lest the door be shut and locked and I say depart from Me for I never knew you sayeth the great and mighty Lord of hosts.