Have you made it?

Have you made it? Make a joyful noise. Dance before Me. Lift up your voice in praise. This is the day I have given you. This is the day I have made. Let the whole earth hear and tremble. I say, let your life be a resounding sound of Me, My love, My mercy and My grace! Yes, let your life transform the atmosphere. Too many have become nothing more than a clanging cymbal, a noisome gong. I say, walk in Me. Walk in My love. For I am the joy of your salvation. Let your life lift Me up. Let your life magnify and glorify Me. Know this, as you do, you submit yourself to Me. You resist the devil and he must flee. Remember, I inhabit the praises of My people. Stand up, make your life that sacrifice of praise for all the world to see sayeth the Lord.

What will you walk in?

What is it? What will you walk in? Will you walk in the flesh? Will you walk in this natural realm? Will you walk in that which seems right to a man? I have created you greater than that. I created you for more than that. As My beloved child, I desire and long for you to walk in My presence. I created you to walk in My fullness. I created you to walk in faith, to walk in My spirit and in My love. What will you choose to walk in? Will you walk in the paths of righteousness? Will you walk in all I have for you? I tell you this, as you walk in Me, in My spirit and My presence you will fulfill all I have called you into. Yes, you will fulfill all I created you to be sayeth the Lord.

Will you eat it?

Will you eat it? Will you eat that which I give you? Will you eat the scroll? Will you eat the manna? Will you eat the fat and drink the sweet? I tell you, it is ready and available. I said I prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies. There are those who are mine who refuse to eat. They have chosen to go without. There are many who say they are My children and yet eat from another. For they feast upon the poison of the flesh, the world and sin. I say to you, it is time for you to fill up. Yes, fill up on Me. Fill up on the oil and the new wine of My spirit. Eat that which is eternal. Eat that which will cause you to grow. For you shall grow in Me, in spirit and in truth. So come and eat that good thing. Come eat that which gives life and not death sayeth the Lord.

Where have you leaned?

Where is it? Where have you leaned? What have you leaned upon? Have you leaned upon your own understanding? Have you leaned upon Me? For lo, many have chosen to lean upon the strength of their own hand. I tell you, do not lean on the power of your own imagination. Lean upon and rely upon the power of My might. Lean not on the wisdom of men. Lean not on the flesh. For all will let you down, all will fail. I never fail. I said, I am your strength. I will give you wisdom. Listen and heed My voice. For I will lead you into the paths of righteousness. Lean against My breast and be My beloved sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Has it been conquered?

Has it been conquered? Then tell Me this, why live as though it has not? I have made you a joint heir with Me. I have given you My name. I have given you all authority. It is time for you to see who you are in Me. It is time for you to walk in all I paid for, all I created you to be and all I promised. For I have conquered the enemy. I have conquered sickness, death, hell and the grave. I said you are more than a conqueror. The enemy is under your feet. I have defeated all at the cross. I have fulfilled and accomplished all by the shed blood of My son Jesus Christ. Rise up, believe that you receive. Know that I never change. Walk in the freedom, the fullness and the authority I have given you sayeth the Lord.

What am I?

What am I? Am I willing? Am I capable? I say yes! Yes I am! For lo, I am more than willing. I am more than capable. As a natural father so loves to give his children good gifts, so do I love to give every good and perfect gift to My children. Will you believe Me? Will you receive it? For lo, though many know My word, they do not believe it. It has all become head knowledge. I say, let it become real and alive to you. I said, believe that I am and I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. Know that it is My desire and good pleasure to bless My children. I say, just come and ask of Me. Ask in faith. Ask with a humble heart. Know I hear the petitions of My love, of those who are mine. For I am a good, good father and I love you so. Just rely upon Me. Love Me for who I am and believe I will do all I say I will sayeth the Lord.

Will you walk in it?

Will you walk in it? Will you walk in My perfect love? For behold, perfect love casts out all fear! Will you walk in My presence? Will you walk in My spirit? Will you walk in the shadow of My hand? For lo, that is where I designed you to walk. I designed you to walk by faith and not by sight, yet so many of My people do not. It is time to see the truth and let the truth set you free. You were never designed to walk in the flesh. You were never created to walk in sin, guilt and condemnation. I never intended for you to walk in the council of the wicked. I say to you, come and walk in all I created and designed you to walk in. I created and deigned you to walk with Me. Yes, to walk in My presence and dwell in the fullness of who I am sayeth the Lord.

Is it hard?

Is it hard? Is it difficult? Is it beyond what you can do on your own? I say, come. Trust in and rely upon Me. Is not My word like a hammer that breaks the rock? Allow Me to come and do the work. Allow the oil of My spirit to come and soften that which has become calloused, that which has become brittle and hard. I said, I will lead you and guide you into all truth. Let My word flow forth out of you. Let My spirit spring up and direct your steps. For lo, there is nothing too high, nothing too deep, nothing too wide or too hard for Me sayeth the Lord.

Have you laid down?

What have you done? Have you laid down? For behold, I said I would cause you to lie down in green pastures. My rod and My staff will comfort you. For I am your protection, your defense. I am the one who leads you and guides you. I am your rest. I am your peace. It is I who prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies. It is I who calms the storms. I say, be still and know I am God. Dwell under the shadow of My hand. For I will cover you as a hen covers her chicks. Lie down and rest in Me. Lie down and rest with Me. Watch as I perform all I have said and promised sayeth the Lord.

Are you strong?

Have your hands fallen down? Have your knees become weak and feeble? Have your eyes become weary? Well I say, let Me strengthen you. Yes, let Me refresh you and empower you to do all I have called you to do. Come, rest in the back of the boat with Me. I say, be still and know I am God. Remember this, when you are weak I am strong. Come to Me, your joy, your strength, your shield and your all in all. Come to Me and know I uphold you in the palm of My hand. Just continue to stand firm. For I have said, when you have done all to stand, stand therefore. For I am that rock of salvation upon which you stand. Run the race, endure to the end and know I love you and desire you sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Can I breathe upon you?

Have you felt it? Have you felt the wind from My bellows? Have you felt the blast from My nostrils? I said, receive ye the Holy Spirit. Let Me blow in your nostrils. For I will cause you to live once again. You were created in My image. Allow Me to fill you up with My breath. I said, I come to give you life. It is sin that separates and causes death. Ask of Me, I will breath new life into you. I will cause those dead bones to yet live. I will cause you to be full of My spirit, My life, My love and My fullness. Ask of Me and I will do it. I will purge away all the dross. I will remove all the chaff and bring you in hither to dwell in and with Me and Me with you. I will cause you to do great exploits in My name to bring Me glory, honor and praise. Yes, so that I may be lifted up and draw ALL men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

Are you surrounded?

Tell Me this, what has surrounded you? Are you surrounded? By who? Are you surrounded by Me? Are you surrounded by My glory? Are you surrounded by My grace and My mercy? Are you surrounded by the enemy? I say to you, fear not. No, do not be afraid. For I tell you, there are more with you than there are with them. I said, I will surround round about you like a wall of fire. I said I will be about you like the mountains round about Israel . I am with you, even till the end. I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Do not be intimidated by the enemy. Remember, he is under your feet. I have said it in My word, when you have done all to stand, stand therefore. For I am with you. With Me, nothing is impossible. So stand! Stand firm. Stand tall and let all see, I am your strength and your great reward sayeth the Lord.