What do you hear?

Tell Me, what is it? What do you hear? What can you hear? Can you hear the sound of heaven? Can you hear the cry of My heart? Do you hear the beating of My heart and feel My love for a lost and dying world? For lo, many who say they are mine do not hear. Many cannot hear. For their ears have been filled . Their ears have waxed gross and old. For all they hear is the sound of religion, self and the world. They have allowed other sounds to drowned out My voice, My heart and the sounds of heaven. I say, clean out your ears. Put away all that would drowned out Me. For lo, those who hear , they do. Those who hear, obey and follow My example. So come, allow Me to open up your ears and hear all of Me. For I will cause you to fulfill all I speak to and in you sayeth the Lord.

Where have you set your eyes?

Have you set your eyes upon Me? Have you set your eyes upon that which I desire and long for? Have you set your eyes upon My kingdom and My righteousness? For lo, many have not. Even those who are called by My name have set their eyes upon another. For they have set their eyes upon self, this world and all that is in it. I say, turn your eyes upon Me. Set your eyes upon Me and ALL I am. For I have said, seek ye first My kingdom and My righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Know this, where you set your eyes, you will go. So set your eyes upon Me. Just as I have said in My word, seek Me early and I will be found of you. Set your eyes upon Me. Let your eye become single and see the mighty work I do sayeth the Lord.

Can you count it?

Can you? Can you count it? Can you count the ways in which I work? Can you count the sands of the sea? Can you count the stars in heaven? Behold, l do a new thing! I say to you, watch and see. For I will confound the wise. I will become that stumbling block. For I will do that which has never been done before. I will do that which has never been seen before. I will cause that which is unseen to become seen. I will cause that which is seen to become hidden. I tell you, it will all be out of My spirit. It will be all out of My power, My might and My glory. No man will say it is by their hand. Just count on Me to do a great and mighty work. Rest in Me, walk in and as Me and watch all I do. For it will amaze many. It will be a great sign and wonder and will draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

Do you realize it?

Do you sense it? Can you comprehend it? Do you even realize it? Do you even know or consider the depth of My love? Do not be deceived. Do not listen to the lies of others, no, not even your feelings or emotions. For I am beyond all that. I am love. Did you not read in My word, love never fails? Well, I NEVER fail. For My love goes deeper than the deepest valley. My love is higher than the highest heights. I loved you from the foundations of this earth and desire you. Have you not seen? I proved My great love for you through My beloved son on the cross. So I say to you, come. Come to Me. Let My love fully cover and embrace you. Will you take it? Will you receive it? Will you come and walk in it? For I desire you to walk with Me. Yes, to be My beloved and none other’s sayeth the Lord.

Will you rest in it?

I ask you this, will you? Will you rest in My peace? Will you rest in My presence? Will you rest in Me? What is it you will do? Will you rest in it? For lo, I am your peace. I have said, peace. Peace I give unto you, not as the world gives but such as I have, give I unto you. I say come, rest in My presence, rest in Me. Cast all your cares upon Me. For I will lead you beside the still waters. Yes, I will cause you to lie down in green pastures. Just as I have said in My word, ALL who are weary come. Come unto Me and I’ll give you rest. For in the world there are trials, troubles and tribulation. Though a thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, I will uphold you. Come and rest with Me in the back of the boat. For remember, I am with you even till the end of this age sayeth the Lord.

Where are your eyes?

Where are they? Where are your eyes? Are they upon Me? Are they upon the oncoming army? I say, set your eyes upon Me. For I will lead you and guide you into that place I desire you to go. Am l not that pillar of fire by night? Am I not that pillar of cloud by day? Lift up your head. Fear not nor be dismayed. For I am with you. Remember what I have said in My word. In famine and destruction you shall laugh. I say take heart, joy in Me, the God of your salvation. For remember this, I have never left you nor forsaken you. For I am your deliverer. I say, keep your eyes set upon Me. Watch and see. For I will take the bad things and turn them around for good to them that love Me and are called by My name. I will use it for My glory. I will use it for My honor. I will use you to lift Me up and draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

What have you chosen?

What have you chosen? Tell Me this, what will you choose? Will you listen to Me, My voice and My spirit? For many have chosen to listen to the voice of man. Will you choose to obey Me and bring Me glory? I say to you, do not be like the foolish. Do not listen to or heed the voice of another, for many have chosen to honor the voice of a man over mine. They had started in the spirit yet ended up in the flesh. I tell you, do not allow yourself to be swayed by the voice of man, the voice of the flesh. I say, choose to stand firm. Choose to stand strong upon that which I have spoken in you, to you and through you. I say, choose to honor Me in the midst of all. Choose to obey Me despite all who would speak, act and do all they can to contradict that which I speak. I say, YOU obey My voice. You choose. For I will prove myself. Just watch and see all I do as you stand when you’ve done all to stand in and on Me sayeth the Lord of glory, the Lord God of heaven and earth.

Will you see it?

Let Me show you what is to come. Will you see it? For unless you see it , how can you enter in? Unless you can see it, how can you walk in the fullness of it? Will you see it and believe it? For I have shown many of My people what I desire, yet they refuse to believe it. I tell you, allow Me to show you. See it with the eyes of faith. Believe it and watch as I cause you to walk into all I have shown and promised you. For remember, I have said, believe that ye receive it. I say, keep the vision before you. Speak to it, walk towards it and watch Me perform My word sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Will you step in?

Will you step in? Will you step into the waters? I say, many have decided to just tread upon the banks of the waters. Many just stand and look out and never enter in. I say come, step into the waters. Step in past the foot. Step in past the knee. Step in past the thigh. I say, step into the mighty rushing waters of My Spirit. Step into the mighty flowing waters of My presence and My glory. I say, let Me overwhelm you. Yes, let Me cover and envelop you. For once you do, you shall never be the same again. For you shall be consumed with Me. You shall be consumed by Me and for Me. There shall be no area untouched. Just step in. Step in today and be transformed. Step in today and be transfigured. For you shall show forth Me, My spirit and My glory in all you are, in all you say and in all you do sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Would you do it?

Would you? Would you actually do it? Would you walk in faith? Will you take My word and fully walk in it? For many do not. There are those who say that they will, yet in reality they do not. For far too many walk in doubt, unbelief and self. I say, come up hither. Come up to that place I have made for you to stand in. Come, trust Me. Come trust in My word. Come and do that which I have said you can and will do in and through Me. I say go and do it by faith. For faith without works is dead. Remember this, it is I who does the work to, in and through you. Just be obedient and a willing vessel. Watch as I perform My word. I say, watch as I accomplish all I sent it forth to do. For I will complete that good work I started in you sayeth the Lord of heaven and earth.

Will you use it?

Will you use it? Will you use that which I gave to you? Will you flex your spiritual muscles? For lo, so many believe they are weak. So many believe they are powerless. So many have not known My word nor My power. I say to you, flex your spiritual muscles. Remember, I have overcome the world. You are to occupy till I come. You are to enforce that which I have bought and paid for. Do not listen to the enemy. Do not listen to his falsehood and lies. He is but a defeated foe. I say, stand fast. You are more than a conqueror. Stand in Me, stand in My spirit. Stand in My word and see. For as you submit to Me the enemy must flee. You are mine, you carry My name. Stand up and walk in all I am, all I have and all I have given to you sayeth the Lord of Glory, the Lord God Almighty.

Will you enter in?

Tell Me this, will you enter in? Will you take off your old clothes. I tell you, come. Enter in! Will you? Come and put on the new clothes I have prepared for you. Come be washed and clean. Will you? For lo, I have made the way. I have made every provision. Yet know this, you must decide to enter in. Enter into My presence. Enter into the holy of holies. I would that all My people, all My children, yes all My beloved would come. Yet many refuse. For they refuse to let go. They refuse to release and drop off the rags of the world. They refuse to be fully washed clean. Do you not know? You have been made a king and a priest. You have been made acceptable by the blood of the lamb. I ask you again, will you? Will you enter in and offer up yourself to Me? Will you offer up yourself fully? For that is My desire. For in doing so, YOU become that sweet smelling sacrifice. You become that offering of praise to Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.