Does it long?

Does it long? Does it pant? What does your heart long for? What does it pant after? What does your soul desire and cling to? Does it long after Me? Does it pant after Me? Does it desire and cling to Me? Does your soul thirst for Me? For lo, I will satisfy you. I will fill you and come unto you. There are those who claim to be mine yet they long for, pant after, desire and cling to the things of this world and the flesh. Long for Me and I will fill you. Pant for Me and I will satisfy you. I will overshadow you and cover you as a hen covers her chicks. I will surround you and embrace you. I will give drink to all who thirst after Me. I will feed all who hunger after Me. You will be satisfied and full, filled to abundance. For I am with you, I love you and love to fill you, bless you and give you the best gifts sayeth the Lord.

Are you ready?

Has it shifted? Has it moved? Can you feel it? Can you see it? For lo, the birth pains have began. Do not be weary. No, do not be dismayed. For lo, I am with you, even till the end. I have forwarned you and told you what is to come. You trust in and rely upon Me. I will move upon this earth like never before. This is going to be the greatest harvest ever seen. Time is short. I come quickly. So I say watch and pray. Wash your hands oh ye sinners. Be found ready. Be found with your wedding garments on. Yes, be full of oil, washed without spot or wrinkle. For lo, I desire a pure bride, one who seeks Me, waits for Me and desires My face. I desire a pure bride who keeps herself for Me. For lo, I come when no man knoweth but the father sayeth the Lord.

What have I given you?

What have I given you? I have given you all you need. I have given you every good and perfect gift. I have given you life and life more abundantly. I have given you the kingdom. I have not given it to you for your benefit but for mine, to bring Me glory, to bring Me honor and praise. I so loved the world I gave My one and only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should NOT perish but have everlasting life. I have given you all I am, My word, My spirit, My love and My power. So as you can pour out and give Me unto all who do not know Me. Yes, unto all who are lost and dying sayeth the Lord.

Let it blow!

Will you let it? Will you let it blow? I say to you, let it blow. Let the wind of My spirit blow. Let it blow in you. Let it blow through you. For lo, many refuse. Many do not allow the wind of My spirit to blow. Too many are hard hearted. Too many are proud and arrogant. Too many try to control and direct how, when and why My spirit moves. I will move. I will blow. I will blow upon the hungry heart. I will blow in and through the humble, willing vessel. As the wind of My spirit blows, you will hear the sound of heaven. It shall be a beautiful sound. It shall be the sound of worship, the sound of surrender, the sound of My instrument being used by Me, for My glory sayeth the Lord.

Will it arise?

Will it arise? I tell you it will! A new generation will arise. A new generation that has set their heart after Me. A generation that will NOT bow to another. This will be the generation that will see the next great move of My spirit. Yes, they will see this next great revival sweep the earth. Just as the Israelites had one generation fall in the desert and the new went forth in My power and might, so shall it be again. For I will cause those who have turned their hearts to Egypt to fall in the desert. Those who seek Me, who love Me, trust in and rely upon Me, will see My mighty hand at work. This is the generation! This is the generation that will arise and leave the world, the flesh, and sin behind. For they will not bow down to the gods of this earth. They will walk through the waters. They will walk through the fire. I will shut the mouths of the lions and scatter the enemy before them. For lo, this is the time. This is the hour. This is the beginning of the next great move of My spirit sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Whose name?

Whose name do you carry? Whose name is above EVERY name that is named? Whose name is it at the very mention, the demons tremble? It is the name of Jesus, Me beloved son, the first born amongst many brethren. You have been adopted. You are My child. I love you as much as My son Jesus Christ. It is time for you to start acting like it. I said all authority give I thee. I have given you power to tread on serpents, scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. You are mine. Do not be deceived and fooled into believing anything other than all I have said and proclaimed. You are the apple of My eye. You were the joy set before Me as Christ hung upon that cross. Walk in My presence, My spirit and My power. For lo, as I am so are you on this earth sayeth the Lord.

What do we seek?

Do we seek miracles? Do we seek signs? Do we seek manifestations or do we seek Him, the lover of our soul? Do we seek a simple touch or an intimate covenant? Remember I said seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added. Seek and you shall find. Seek Me and Me alone. Seek Me and you shall find all you need sayeth the Lord.

What are they?

What are they? What have they become? Have your hearts become one? Have you become one as we are one? For lo, I desire a holy people, united in Me. I said that this world will know you are mine by your love. Do your hearts beat as mine? Does your heart beat in sync with mine? I tell you, love never fails. When your heart beats with mine, as mine, we become one. Do not allow the enemy to kill, steal and destroy all I have paid for. As you walk in unity in Me, in My spirit and by faith you will glorify and magnify Me sayeth the Lord.

Will it be revealed?

What will happen? Will it be revealed? I tell you yes. Yes it will. For I will reveal the truth. I will separate the sheep from the goats. I will separate those who walk by faith and those who do not. For lo, the world will see, those who are truly mine will stand. In the midst of the storm, My bride will stand by faith. I will expose those who do not believe. I will expose the religious. I will expose those who walk in and rely upon all that seems right to a man. For they shall all fall by the wayside. For they are the ones who have no root. They are not rooted and grounded in Me. They are not built upon the rock but the sand. It will be revealed who is truly mine. For My people are doers of My word. My people are built upon the rock of their salvation. All will see, all will know I am their God and they are My people. A chosen generation. A holy people. A royal priesthood unto Me sayeth the Lord.

Will you be a part of it?

What will you do? Will you be a part of it? Do you hear it? Can you feel it? It is the sound of a rumble. It is the sound of an oncoming army. For lo, I am raising up an army. They will go forth and bring in the harvest. They will usher in this next mighty move of My spirit. To those who live in religion, tradition, the flesh and mixture, they will never recognize them. For they refuse to walk in all that seems right to a man. This army is My pure bride, My peculiar people. You must choose. I said, choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose you this day to either be My beloved pure bride or not. Will you choose to be in My army? Will you choose to bring in the harvest? Will you be a part of this next great move of My spirit? Decide, for lo, today is the day of salvation sayeth the Lord.